Best apps from 2018: Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere RushJust like last year, the App Store was pumping out on the iPhone and Mac with countless new apps. In 2018, every iPhone editor chooses another app as a favorite of the year. In our opinion, these are the best iOS and macOS apps of the year. Today it is Florence’s turn with Adobe Premiere Rush.

Adobe Premiere Rush: this year’s personal favorite

I am not a notorious video editor myself, certainly not on my smartphone. Not because I do not like it, but because I have not yet found the right app. I do not like the flaws of standard app iMovie on the iPhone, and I have not found a better alternative yet.

Until Adobe released Premiere Rush earlier this year . Especially since I have been a fan of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere on the PC for a while, I thought it worth the app. Meanwhile, I use the app regularly to improve the color of a video or to mount a short impression of a holiday.

Premiere Rush is a simple video editing program, but it does have everything needed to edit a movie in detail. And in my opinion that is also the strength: even if you are not an experienced processor like me, you have put together a beautiful video because of the simplicity.

Childlike convenience and extensive functions

Editing is actually very intuitive. You tap and drag to move parts, to shorten or, for example, to change the color balance. Thanks to the clear bar at the bottom, the developers can add a lot more functions than you see in iMovie on iOS.

And even if you do not want to work with contrasts, shadows, and shades of color, the app offers a lot. A fine selection of the most used filters and transitions makes it extremely easy to always refresh your videos.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Moreover, you can lose a lot of material – four video tracks and three audio tracks – so that you can make it as extensive as you want. The nice thing about me is that you can easily try out what works and what does not work in a video, and can make more and more extensive edits. And that without having to move to a PC or Mac.

As long as you make videos for fun and you like to share them with friends via social media, this is a big advantage. It takes little effort to make a fun travel video or compilation of a day out. Because you mount on your iPhone or iPad, you have just shared it as quickly.

Free for the average user

Adobe Premiere Rush CC is free to download and use. As a free user, you have access to all tools, and you can create as many projects as you want. However, you can only export three projects via the cloud.

If you mainly use the app to edit videos for social media in a low-threshold way, that is sufficient. If you want to make more intensive use of the app and can always switch between your iPhone and Mac, a subscription is necessary. This costs $ 9.99 per month. With this, you export unlimited projects and you get 100GB of storage space in Creative Cloud.

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