3FM Serious Request started without Glass House, but with app

3FM Serious Request3FM Serious Request has started again, and this year it is not about the Glass House. Watching, listening and helping can still be done via the Serious Request app.

3FM Serious Request app keeps you up-to-date

It is now a tradition: in the week before Christmas radio station, NPO 3FM organizes the charity action Serious Request. But more and more criticism arose of the well-known Glass House, where radio DJs locked themselves in to raise money for a purpose of the Red Cross. That is why the action looks completely different this year, and the associated app has become much more important.

This year, three teams of 3FM DJs from three different locations in the Netherlands will move from action to action. So they walk a barren trip through the country and finally arrive on Christmas Eve in Utrecht. Along the way, they help with all kinds of actions that have been set up by listeners and helpers.

In Utrecht, pop venue TivoliVredenburg is the headquarters, called Lifeline. Here, too, all kinds of actions, performances, and workshops are held throughout the week. Listeners can go here, but also walk along with the DJs.

Location folder and the auction house

And here comes the app in the picture. Because in the application you can find where walking radio DJs are located. Each duo has its own page where you can find a schedule from hour to hour. You can also view all fragments of their ‘pilgrimage’ here.

This year the radio station collects money for three charities from the Red Cross: resuscitation in the Netherlands, protection against natural violence and emergency aid in war and conflicts. You can also find all reports and information about these goals in the app.

Also handy is that you can find buttons everywhere to donate directly or to request a picture. By requesting a record for 5, 10, 15 or more euros, you support the action and also ensure that one of your favorite songs is played.

Another big part of the annual campaign is the auction. In the app, you can easily browse all auction items. For example, bid on a signed guitar by Jason Mraz, play a game of darts with rapper Donnie or the cycling outfit from Niki Terpstra.

Or, of course, offer an item yourself for auction. Filtering between all items is possible. This allows you to filter on all categories, the remaining time, the highest or lowest bid or scrolling in shuffle mode.

Trusted features

Do you prefer to act in a different way for a good cause, but would you like to listen to 3FM during the Serious Request Days? Fortunately, the app also retains its original function: radio streaming. Through the app, you can easily listen to the radio station throughout the day, and see which DJs are on and what is being played.

Furthermore, you can check which music has already been played and switch to a live stream, where you can also watch live. Responding to something in the show is also done via the app, by going to ‘App’ in the menu. Here you can quickly send a message to the radio station, while you listen happily.

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