iPhone with 5G is delayed: this option has Apple

5G iPhoneThe first 5G iPhone comes at least one and a half years after the first Android smartphones with this internet speed. Apple is in a difficult situation and has four options to limit the delay.

5G iPhone delay: Apple has these options

That’s what Cowen analysts say, a well-known research agency. The main reason for this delay is the fact that Intel is unable to make high-quality 5G modems. This makes Apple the choice: or wait a year and a half and release an iPhone with a ‘moderately’ modem, or stand on the side for a longer period of time and deliver quality.5G iPhone delay

Cowen advises Apple to go for the first option, thus limiting the gap on competitors. The second option is to go with Samsung. However, this cooperation has a major disadvantage: the South Korean company would ask the main prize for its 5G modems, especially since Apple is now in a difficult situation. Samsung is therefore in the unique opportunity to go far and does not just give this price.

It will be difficult for Apple

Thirdly, Apple could terminate legal marital status with Qualcomm. The two parties have been involved in court cases for years because the chip manufacturer would be guilty of misuse of power. Cowen thinks that Apple is not going to seek peace: the relationship would no longer be recoverable.

According to earlier rumors, Apple would work on its own modem. The first iPhone with Apple modem, however, we will only see in 2021. As a Dutchman, you do not have much, because the 5G network has not yet been rolled out here. T-Mobile wants to be the first at the end of 2020 that will provide the whole of the Netherlands with faster internet, even if it has some hooks and eyes.

The last option is that Apple buys Intel’s entire modem business and accelerates production. The analysts think this is a sensible investment, but a bit short day. ‘It will be difficult to deliver the first 5G iPhone in 2020’, the research bureau writes.

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