‘New AirPods and AirPower production has started, come out this spring’

The production of the new AirPods has started. If everything goes according to plan, the wireless earbuds will be in stores within a few months. The AirPower is also available from then on.

‘AirPods 2 production has started’

That is what makes the usually reliable Economic Daily News based on a source. The Taiwanese website says that Apple releases the earplugs in the spring, between mid-March and June. It is the umpteenth rumor that indicates that the AirPods 2 is actually coming.

Apple factories in China have already started production and according to the website people are on schedule. According to the anonymous source, Apple uses a new kind of material for more grip, something that we have heard about many times before. This is a matte coating that feels a bit rougher than the smooth surface of the first AirPods.

AirPods 2 production 2

Both the earplugs themselves and the wireless charging box, which probably also comes out in the spring, are made of this material. The earplugs will cost 159 euros according to the Taiwan site in the United States, just as many as the first AirPods. If this also applies to the Netherlands, the headset costs 179 euros here.

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‘AirPower is coming’

At the same time, Apple would also release the long-awaited AirPower. This was already shown to the public at the end of 2017, but postponed again and again, probably because of production problems. Even during the unveiling of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR in 2018, he sparkled in his absence.

The big question is when Apple will announce the new products. The company from Cupertino planned an event on March 25, but this seems to be dominated by services, not hardware. Perhaps the iPhone maker will announce the new AirPods and AirPower in between, but it seems more logical that it is done through a press release.

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