AirPods 2019 teardown: this is included in the wireless earbuds and charging case

AirPods 2019 teardownA lot of parts are hidden in the small compact box of the AirPods 2019. That leaves iFixit see a teardown of the new wireless earbuds. View here what the AirPods and the wireless charging case look like on the inside.

AirPods 2019 teardown from iFixit

New Apple devices are usually not only tested in a review but also expertly disassembled to see what the hardware is. The AirPods 2019 have also been handled by iFixit. Just like the first generation of AirPods, it is especially striking that they are virtually impossible to repair.

AirPods 2019 teardown

The AirPods 2019 resembles its predecessor on many fronts, with the new H1 chip and a wireless charging coil at the bottom of the earbud case as the main changes. A special cooling plate is attached to this. In the video below you can see what it looks like when the AirPods are dismantled per part.

A large amount of glue makes a repair impossible

The repairman comes across large amounts of glue in both the two earbuds and the wireless charging case. Not only is everything stuck together because of this, but this also makes repairing any broken parts of the accessory virtually impossible.

While the competing Samsung Galaxy Buds from iFixit still get a reparability score of 6 out of 10, the AirPods 2019 have to do with the lowest score: a zero. Compared to the first AirPods, various components are better attached this time. We also see the same battery of 398 mAh in the charging case.

Finally, the teardown proves that it is better to purchase new AirPods if the battery life becomes too bad for you. Because the battery is glued in such a way, it cannot simply be replaced and your AirPods can, unfortunately, be called worthless after a few years.

AirPods 2019 support ‘Hé Siri’

The new H1 chip also ensures that the improved AirPods support ‘Hé Siri’. Moreover, the battery now lasts longer, and you can make phone calls through the earphones up to 50 percent longer. Have you already bought them or are you planning to buy AirPods 2019? Then also read how to set this. Or view our AirPods tips that you can put in your ears.

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