(Audio) problems with your AirPods? 4 quick solutions in a row

AirPods sound problemsA set of AirPods or other headphones that use Apple’s W1 chip is enormously accessible, but can still cause problems. With these tips, you prevent a cracking sound and other inconveniences.

AirPods sound problems? That’s how you solve them

Complaints regularly arise from AirPods owners who occasionally hear a crackling sound when they want to play music with AirPods or the Beats Solo 3 headphones. The sound that is sent to the AirPods via Bluetooth via your iPhone is currently being disturbed. This can have various reasons, but fortunately, there are also some simple solutions.

1. Switch off other Bluetooth devices in your area

If you often hear a crackling sound when you switch on the AirPods, this may have to do with an abundance of Bluetooth devices in your area. These cause interference so that the sound quality is noticeably deteriorated. By turning off Bluetooth accessories that you are not currently using, this may solve the problem in one go. For example, consider a wireless keyboard from a PC that you are not using.

2. Restart your AirPods or headphones

When  AirPods problems surfaced for users, Apple suggested restarting the earphones. This would solve the battery problem, and the same may also apply to AirPods audio problems. You restart the AirPods by pressing the button on the case for 15 seconds. Keep in mind that you will have to pair the AirPods again afterward. In this tip, you can read how this works.

AirPods problems

3. Switch Bluetooth off and on

Switching the Bluetooth connection on and off can also be enough to make the connection stable again. We also do this regularly with ‘old-fashioned’ Bluetooth headphones that sometimes no longer respond well. Restarting Bluetooth is very simple: you open the Control Panel, tap the Bluetooth icon and do this again to re-enable the wireless connection.

4. Check whether your iPhone is running the most recent iOS version

Apple eliminates numerous bugs and bumps with every iOS update, including Bluetooth bugs. As a rule, it is therefore always good to run the most recent version of iOS. If you have AirPods problems and the above problems do not work, you can try this as the last option.

If these four solutions do not work for AirPods problems, the problem seems to be taking place in the AirPods themselves. In that case, we recommend that you contact Apple Support.

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