Rumor: ‘Amazon is going to make a free music service for Alexa’

Free Amazon MusicFree Amazon Music Apple Music gets a new competitor. According to rumors, Amazon is working on a free music streaming service for Alexa, intended for the smart speaker. The company already has a paid music service.

If you want to listen to streaming music for free, you can go to Spotify so far. Via the free variant of Spotify, you can listen to music tracks, alternated with advertisements. Amazon is now also planning something similar, intended for speakers that support the speech assistant Alexa. Sources that are aware of the plans have informed Billboard. The competitor for Apple Music and Spotify should start next week.

Free Amazon Music

Amazon ‘s music streaming service also plays advertisements, just like the free version of Spotify. While listening to a playlist you will hear a commercial now and then. You can start the music by saying: “Alexa, play free music”, although this still needs to be in English because the assistant does not understand the United States. Another limitation is that there are fewer music tracks present than in the Amazon Music Unlimited payment service, where you can choose from 50 million songs. There is also Prime Music, with which you can listen to 2 million songs.

Amazon would like to bring the music service to the attention through the Echo speakers, which are especially popular with American users. This should encourage people to sign up for a Prime subscription or switch over to Amazon Music Unlimited over time. There is no need to make a profit for the time being, because Jeff Bezos’ company has enough cash in hand.

Amazon could bother Apple on even more points. Earlier this week, Amazon announced that it was making AirPods-like earplugs.

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