How to install the Android Q-beta on a Google Pixel smartphone

Android Q betaAnyone with a Google Pixel can get started with the new features of Android Q beta. Google has released a first beta that everyone can download. Golobal Tech shows you how to do this.

Download Android Q beta Google Pixel

Google has released the first version of Android Q for all Google Pixel phones. This is striking because in earlier Android versions this beta was only intended for people with a developer account.

By participating in the beta program you can already get started with Android Q. You need a Google Pixel ( XL ), Pixel 2 ( XL ) or Pixel 3 ( XL ) for this. Follow these instructions first to get started with the new version:

  1. Go to the official Android beta website and log in with your Google account;
  2. Select on which smartphone you want to install the Android Q-beta;
  3. Wait until your application to participate in the Android beta program has been approved;
  4. As soon as your Pixel is ready you will automatically receive a notification to download the software;
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the update.

Google Pixel 3aYou can restart Google Pixel several times during updating, so keep this in mind. Moreover, the Android Q-beta with a file size of more than 1GB is quite substantial. So make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network the moment you download it.

Also, keep in mind that this is a first version that is not yet intended for the general public. You are therefore likely to encounter bugs and errors. It is also wise to back up your Android smartphone in advance. That way you won’t lose any data when apps crash.

This is new in Android Q

Android Q focuses on improving your privacy. This gives you more control over which data apps can view and data collection programs are automatically curbed. You can also count on safer face recognition, new wipe movements and a system-wide dark mode, which is better for your eyes.

It will take a while before the new software is available to everyone. The stable version of Android Q is likely to appear in August or September for Google Pixel smartphones. It is then up to manufacturers to convert the update to other devices. As a result, many users will not receive an Android Q update until the beginning of 2020.

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