Android Q gets a full, built-in dark mode

Android QIt seems that Android Q dark mode, the next new Android version, gets a built-in dark mode. It is probably a completely dark mode, which also gives Googles system apps a different look.

Android Q dark mode

According to Android Police, Google product manager Lukasz Zbylut reported this in a message on the Chromium Bug Tracker. Zbylut reports in the message (see below) that in Android Q, as the new Android version, for now, is called, there is an option in the Settings, after which users under ‘View’ the dark mode can turn on. In May, all interface elements of the operating system should have a dark mode.

Android Q dark mode

All system apps, such as Chrome and Gmail, will probably have an option to darken the colors. There are all different Google apps with such an option, such as YouTube, Messaging and the Phone app. In addition, the latest Android version already has an option to darken certain interface components, such as the quick settings panel and the launcher.

Guide: How to set the dark mode to these Google apps

The page is now protected by Google and that indicates that the company is actually working on a dark mode for Android Q. About the mode has been rumored for some time, so it is still a while to wait and see if ‘he actually comes this year. In some Android skins, such as Samsung and OnePlus, a more extensive dark mode is already available.

A dark mode is useful when you use your smartphone in the evenings because you are less affected by the bright light coming off the screen. In addition, OLED screens ensure that less energy is used, which is favorable for the battery life of your device.

It is still unclear when Android Q appears exactly, although we can make a reasonable estimate based on previous years. Google released the first developer version of Android Pie in March 2018 and showed the update to the general public during Google I / O 2018. The beta that can also be downloaded for users is likely to appear after the first Google event of this year. I / O usually takes place in May.

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