‘Android Q will improve your privacy in these 4 ways’

Android Q privacyThe upcoming version of Android gets a lot of features to better protect your privacy. From more information, reminders to a button to switch off all sensors: in this way, Android Q will protect your privacy.

Android Q privacy: 4 improvements

Although Android 9.0 (Pie) is far from being found on all smartphones, Google is already working on a successor in the background: Android Q. This software is far from finished, but XDA Developers has managed to lay its hands on a provisional version. These privacy-oriented functions stand out.

1. App permissions in the notification screen

When you start an app for the first time, you must give permission for certain permissions. For example, some apps need access to your location, such as Google Maps. Other apps need access to your microphone, WhatsApp for example to share audio recordings.

However, many apps abuse these permissions by requesting too much data. Earlier it appeared that Android Q is going to tackle these unnecessary app permissions, but Google still has a trump card.

Android Q

Soon you will see in the notification bar which apps currently have permission to use your microphone, location, and camera. When you tap one of the icons you can immediately revoke this authorization if it is unnecessary.

2. Reminders

Do you know exactly which apps all have access to your location? Probably not. Google will address this problem by sending you reminders from time to time.

So you suddenly get a notification with the question of whether an app that you installed two months ago still gives permission to your location. Do not you want this? Then press the message. You will be sent directly to the overview of app permissions, and you can withdraw the permission.

3. Apps get ‘roles’

The Play Store is full of apps and they are all different, but broadly applications from the same category do the same. So chat apps need permission to your keyboard, your SIM card and possibly your microphone for voice messages.

Google Pixel 3a specifications

Android Q will assign apps that look similar to so-called ‘roles’. This means that photo apps such as Instagram, for example, get a standard package of app permissions. For example, they have to use your microphone and can store photos in the gallery. However, such an app does not require permission to your calendar.

4. Turn off all sensors

Finally, Android Q gets a kind of airplane mode deluxe. When you switch it on, all connections are disconnected, so you can no longer use the internet and make calls.

The new Android version adds a “Sensors” button here. You will find these in the pop-up menu next to the aircraft icon. As soon as you press this, all your sensors go ‘offline’, such as your accelerometer and proximity sensor.

More about Android Q

Probably Android Q is only announced at the end of this year, but we already know a few things. In this way the new Android version gets a safer form of face recognition, app permissions are better controlled and providers can block dual smartphones.

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