These 13 things should not be missing in Android Q

Although many people are still waiting for Android 9.0 (Pie), Android Q is on the doorstep again. As far as we are concerned, Google needs to add these features for the final release.

13 Android Q wishes

Android Q is the official successor to Android 9.0 (Pie). This new release not only provides better security and stability but also a series of new functions. Some are already known, while others are only on our wish list. In this article, we bundle everything together.

Android Q

Although the first beta version of Android Q is already being rolled out to Pixel smartphones, it does not yet include all the new functions. The final version will only be released in August or September, and before that time Google will add many new features. If it’s up to us, this is what will soon be all in Android Q.

1. Dark mode

Many Google apps now have a dark mode, but Android is still behind. It is high time for a built-in dark mode so that with one switch you put the complete interface of the operating system and all apps that have this option on dark. A dark mode is not only nice for your eyes if you use your smartphone in the evening hours, but with OLED screens, the dark colors also ensure that your battery lasts longer.

Probability: very likely.

2. Better sharing menu

The Android share menu urgently needs an update. In recent years, Google has added various functions to this menu, which will appear if, for example, you want to share a link. This has made the menu slow and unclear. At the end of last year, a Google employee stated that improving this submenu is a priority, but that it is a big job. Apparently, the job is done, because in the first beta version of Android Q the menu appears without problems.

Probability: sure.

Screen Attention in Android Q

3. Faster rollout of updates to even more smartphones

With Project Treble, Google ensures that updates roll out faster to more smartphones. In practice, however, that is still disappointing. We hope that a new step is taken with Android Q. It seems in any case that the beta versions of Android Q this year come to more devices than last year. That is already a good sign.

Probability: probably.

4. Digital Well-being on more devices

Digital Welfare is only available for a handful of devices and that is a pity. This app against smartphone addiction gives you insight into your smartphone use and offers resources to do something about it. Alternatives are already available via the Play Store, but it would be nice if Google rolled out its Digital Well-being with Android Q more widely.

Probability: doubtful.

5. Better gestures

Because more and more smartphones appear without a home button, Google introduced a gesturing system with Android 9.0 (Pie) to control Android with movements. However, these movements are still quite confusing. The versions that Samsung and OnePlus, for example, have invented are now more convenient than those of Google itself. That is a shame and could be better.

Probability: probably.

6. Better permission system

If you install an app now, you will see windows that ask for permissions. Most users accept these notifications indiscriminately because they want to use their new app as quickly as possible. Adjusting afterward is then quite complex. With Android Q this system is being overhauled.

Among other things in the first beta through more control over when an app can see your location. And if apps have to download files, you no longer have to give access to all your photos and videos. Hopefully, there will be more control over the other permissions.

Probability: very likely.

7. Safer face recognition

Android is in a bad position when it comes to face recognition. Many devices can even be fooled by a photo, so this method of unlocking is not very safe. With Android Q, Google seems to ensure that facial recognition hardware is supported as standard, which hopefully improves security.

Probability: very likely.

8. Better multitasking

A major advantage of Android over iOS is that you can multitask by putting two apps on top of each other on the screen. However, it is not possible to keep those two apps active at the same time, apart from, for example, a YouTube video. With the new ‘multi-resume’ you can have multiple active apps on your screen.

Probability: sure.

9. Ability to record screen

Apple introduced the ability to record your screen with iOS 11. In addition to the option to take a screenshot, you can, therefore, make a video of what is happening on your device. Android does not have this feature yet. Although you will find enough apps in the Play Store to record your screen, Android should actually offer this as standard.

Probability: doubtful.

10. Desktop mode

One of the coolest functions of modern Samsung Galaxy smartphones is that you can connect the devices to a screen via Samsung DeX and use them as a desktop computer. It would be great to have this as a fixed part of Android, so that you can continue working behind a desk with the same apps, for example. This can optionally be combined with Google Cast so that no dock and cables are required.

11. Easier single-handed control

With larger screens due to smaller screen edges, it is difficult to use new smartphones with one hand. Different manufacturers offer ways to help users, such as Samsung and Huawei who have the option to temporarily shrink the image. On iOS, you can easily bring the image down so that you can reach the top. It is high time that Android offered such an option as standard.

Probability: doubtful.

12. Safe folder

Samsung smartphones come standard with a protected folder where you can safely hide apps, photos and more. You lock this folder with, for example, pin code or password so that nobody can access it, or even see that the data is on your phone. This folder can also be used to install the second vision of an app, so that you can use different accounts, for example. Other manufacturers offer a similar option and there are alternatives to be found in the Play Store, but it would be nice if Google offered an Android option for this as standard.

Probability: not likely.

13. Files Go standard in Android

Since last year, Google has finally made it possible to browse the files of your Android smartphone with the Files Go app. Files Go also offers the possibility to quickly share files between Android devices via Bluetooth. It would be nice if the app was installed by default on every Android device to make sharing a lot easier.

Probability: doubtful.

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