Google releases android security update for Pixel devices

Android security updateGoogle has released the Android security update in February. True to tradition, Pixel’s own smartphones are updated first.

Android security update February 2019 now available

This month, Google will fix 42 issues with the update. This mainly concerns vulnerabilities that in theory could be used by hackers to watch on your device. For example, there was a leak in the media framework that made it possible to break into a device by sending files.

Google Pixel 3a

As usual, no victims have reported. Nevertheless, it is wise to get the update as soon as possible, so you do not run the unnecessary risk. Google’s own Pixel phones are updated first. You will automatically receive a notification with the request to update. You can also manually check whether the patch is already ready by looking at ‘Software update’ in the settings menu.

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When will I receive the update?

Do not have a Google Pixel? Then you have to be patient. Once Google has released the Android security update, other manufacturers can also roll it out for their phones. For example, Nokia is always quite fast and the software rolls out for their most popular smartphones within days to weeks. The same gap for Samsung and Sony.

Other manufacturers need more time and bundle multiple updates. Owners of these devices receive a package once every 60 or 90 days. For example, Motorola deals with it this way. On Android Planet we regularly publish an overview of smartphones that have received a security update. Sign up for the newsletter or download the free app to keep up to date!

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