That’s how Apple is going to make Apple Arcade a success

Apple ArcadeApple is determined to make Apple Arcade a success. Developers who go to work exclusively for the game subscription will be rewarded generously.

Apple Arcade game makers get a big advance

Last March event, Apple surprised by announcing Arcade, a service to play unlimited games with. Although there is still a lot of uncertainty about the details, the Financial Times (FT) is lifting a tip of the veil today.

According to the American business newspaper, developers who exclusively play games for the ‘Netflix for games’ are well rewarded. Sources who are aware of Apple’s plans say that developers can count on advances of 1 to 3 million euros.

Apple Arcade Game

After the release of their game, developers are paid monthly based on how much time people play in total. Although it is not yet clear how expensive Apple Arcade will be, the FT says that 50 percent of sales are shared with the makers.

The conditions

There are some conditions to that. First, developers must make their games exclusively for Apple Arcade. This means that you will not find the titles in Google’s Play Store. The games may appear on PlayStation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch.

According to the sources, developers can also choose to temporarily place their games exclusively on Apple Arcade. After a period of, for example, three months, they then release the game in Google’s store. However, developers who opt for this would receive less advance or no start-up capital at all.

Finally, the newspaper reports that Apple is pulling the bag to take over the gaming industry. In total, the Cupertino company would invest no less than $ 500 million in Arcade. This amount will be spread over about 100 titles upon release, but will also be used to add more games later.

More about Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a subscription to play unlimited games on your iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV. The service is likely to be released in September this year, along with iOS 13 and Apple TV Plus. It is not yet clear whether the United States is directly involved. The webpage is available in the United States, which is a good hint.

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