Tim Cook: ‘New Apple products are going to amaze you’

Apple plans 2019Apple plans 2019 With the future, it is a mustache, according to Tim Cook. The director says that the company is busy with products that make you ‘amazed’.

Apple plans 2019: new products, more services

That, and more, Cook said during Apple’s annual shareholders’ meeting. A lot will change in the coming years. First, Cook indicated that the price of the new MacBook Air, now available from 1229 euros, is going to fall. People are working on a new type of screen that has a higher resolution, but costs less.

MacBook Air 2018 review

In addition, Cook wants to build on the success of the AirPods and Apple Watch. There are, therefore ‘a lot of fantastic products’ that will ‘amaze you’, although of course, he does not reveal exactly what it is about.

For example, there are times of rumors about the new AirPods, which would get a new design, listen to “Hey Siri” and wireless charging. Apple also submits all kinds of patents for new Apple Watch functions, such as recently the application of a smoke detector.

AR glasses

Naturally, shareholders tried to extract information about the new Apple products, but Tim Cook kept their lips tight. He did, however, let loose that 18 companies were bought up last year. Usually, the technology of these companies is used in new products. For example, Apple would be busy with its own AR glasses.

Apple AR glasses patent

Apple gave a clear answer to questions from shareholders about Apple’s future. They are going to deliver more services and gradually focus less on products. This communication coincides with the fact that Apple is looking for more software employees at the time of writing than people who start working with hardware.

Finally, Cook also went into the political ideals of Apple. For example, the CEO handed out a small sneer to companies such as Facebook and Google, which in recent times were bad news in terms of privacy.

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