How Apple’s new services sharpen relationships with competitors

Apple servicesApple is taking a new course tonight as a company. More than ever, the focus is not on hardware, but on Apple services. And that will have major consequences for the companies that Apple is currently working with.

How Apple services risk relationships

CNET publishes an interesting analysis that highlights tonight’s Apple event. Last week Apple already made its hardware announcements, so there is now plenty of time to put three new services in the spotlight. The Cupertino company is expected to present its own video, gaming and news service.

This is due to the fact that there are various lawsuits against Apple about the monopolistic position of the company and how competitors deal with it. For example, Spotify has sued Apple at the European Commission for deliberately opposing it, because Apple Music is a major competitor. Kaspersky Lab security company has also filed a complaint about a similar reason.

This industry is also rumbling in other industries. For example, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney is disappointed that Apple makes it impossible for players to offer a game like Fornite directly. Instead, this must be done through the App Store. Apple says it does this to ensure security, but Sweeney believes developers should also have the option to offer secure alternatives.

Of course, this also means that the Tim Cook company earns 30 percent of all sales made through the App Store. For the same reason, Spotify has also competed with Apple. Spotify must pay 30 percent of the subscription costs incurred through the App Store, while Apple Music does not have this limitation. As a result, Spotify would have to raise the price to earn the same, but Spotify would become more expensive than Apple Music.

Is Apple ready for the future?

With the arrival of its own video ( Apple Shows ) news and gaming service, Apple will only increasingly encounter such problems. The company is now also focusing attention on these situations. Because if Apple makes other price agreements with directors and magazine makers, why would developers still accept this with the App Store? Tonight we will see how Apple brings this message to the event. We will keep you informed of all disclosures, for example via our free app.

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