Apple hires Tesla engineer, possibly for his own car

Tesla engineerApple has hired Michael Schwekutsch, who previously held a top position in the field of drive systems at Tesla. Is Apple still planning to make an ‘Apple Car’?

Tesla engineer to Apple

Apple’s newest employee is an expert in the field of powertrains or all parts that drive the wheels. It indicates that Apple is still interested in making an Apple Car. Michael Schwekutsch worked at Tesla as vice president of engineering for the so-called powertrains, the drive system. The man left Tesla earlier this month and now works at Apple’s mysterious Special Projects Group. Among other things, work is being done there on Project Titan, Apple’s car project.

Schwekutsch knows everything about drive systems

The components that fall under the drive system include the engine, clutch, gearbox, drive chain, axles and of course the driven wheels. Schwekutsch previously worked on electric and hybrid powertrains for the BMW i8, Fiat 500eV, Volvo XC90, and Porsche 918 Spyder. The man goes to work under Doug Field, who in the past was VP Mac hardware engineering at Apple, then worked for five years at Tesla and eventually returned to Apple. The field currently has a role as the project manager, replacing Steve Zadesky.

Tesla engineer

More Tesla employees to Apple

Apple is said to have hired ‘several other’ Tesla employees. It has often happened that employees have switched between Apple and Tesla. CEO Elon Musk even called Apple the ” Tesla Cemetery ” to indicate that not the best people are switching to Apple. “They hired people we fired,” said Musk. Yet they are not the least people, because former Tesla designer Andrew Kim also switched.

According to rumors, Project Titan started with the intention of making an Apple Car, but the ambitions were gradually shifted towards making software for self-driving cars. A few months ago, Apple even fired 200 people from the team. The fact that people are now hiring in the field of hardware engineering gives the impression that Apple wants to go back to its own physical product, or its own car.

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