Apple Watch Series 4 vs Fitbit Versa Lite: premium and budget smartwatch compared

Apple Watch Series 4 vs Fitbit Versa LiteFitbit has released a budget version of its Versa smartwatch. Is the affordable Versa Lite too simple, or a formidable competitor for the Apple Watch Series 4? We put it for you in a row.

Apple Watch Series 4 vs Fitbit Versa Lite

If you already have an Apple device, you probably think of the Apple Watch as the first to be a smartwatch. But on the assembly line, interesting alternatives appear for Apple’s smartwatch. Fitbit does that with its Versa series, where the Versa Lite has now been added as a budget model. We compare the two smartwatches on the basis of a few categories.Fitbit Versa Lite Edition review

Design: Versa Lite has recognizable Apple Watch design

As we saw at the original Versa, Fitbit looked good at Apple when it comes to design. The Versa Lite and Apple Watch have a similar shape and are both available in different colors.

But where the Apple Watch color combinations between silver, white, space grids, black, and gold, the Fitbit options are a lot more colorful. You can choose between white, magenta, lilac and blue. With both watches, you can also choose from different straps. The big difference on the outside is mainly on the screen.

Although the Versa Lite and the Series 4 40 millimeter variant are almost the same sizes, Apple wins with the screen size. Because of the rimless screen of the Series 4, you can also count on a display of 40 millimeters. The versa screen of the Versa Lite is, on the other hand, only 34 millimeters thick.

Specs: smart activity tracker or extension of your iPhone

A disadvantage of the Versa Lite is that it does not have a GPS sensor in the opposite of the Apple Watch. For example, if you are going to run, you still have to take your iPhone with you to record your route in an app. You do not have that inconvenience with Apple’s gadget.

It is also not possible to keep track of swimming sessions or climbed floors, and listening to music via the Fitbit is also not possible. Because you have more health sensors and possibilities with apps on the Apple Watch, this is much more an extension of your iPhone. The Versa Lite does have some functions of a smartwatch but is in the basic a much simpler movement tracker.

Battery life

The Versa Lite could survive 96 hours on a full battery charge. This shows that the budget model has a somewhat smaller battery than the Versa, which can last 120 hours. On paper, the Lite also has a better battery life than the Apple Watch. This would only last 18 hours, and therefore every night on the charger.Fitbit Versa Lite

In practice, however, Apple’s watch appears to be able to keep up for two days without any problems. Still, the Fitbit remains even superior, and this is a good choice if you do not want to worry about how full your battery is.

Price: Lite is an ideal entry model

One of the great advantages of the Fitbit Versa Lite is the friendly price for a smartwatch. The device is available from 159 euros and thus one of the most affordable options if you want a smartwatch on your wrist. You buy other Fitbits for less, but these are also simple activity trackers instead of smartwatches.

The price tag for an Apple Watch Series 4 is a lot higher and available from 429 euros. This may be too expensive for some of these gadgets for some. The regular Fitbit Versa is in between, with a price of 189 euros.


With the Versa Lite, Fitbit has introduced a very nice entry-level model for someone looking for a smartwatch to mainly recording sports performances. This basis is there. But the Apple Watch is the best choice when you go for an extensive activity tracker and a watch that effortlessly improves and takes over what you do on your iPhone. This does not alter the fact that the price also plays an important role. Especially as the first smartwatch, the Versa Lite is a good buy, and you can always upgrade to the fairly expensive Apple Watch later on.

Buy Fitbit Versa Lite Edition or Apple Watch?

Are you after reading this comparison about and do you want to buy an Apple Watch Series 4? Then check out our handy price comparison in which we list the best deals of the moment for the Apple Watch. Would you like to purchase a Fitbit Versa Lite Edition? The smartwatch is available from March 15, but also pre-order via Coolblue.

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