Using Apple Watch in the bios: that’s how Theater Mode works

Apple WatchGolobal Tech An Apple Watch is very useful and fun, but not when the screen lights up during a movie in the cinema. With the Theater Mode, you avoid this inconvenience. This is how you activate Apple Watch Theater Mode in three steps.

Apple Watch Using Theater Mode: that’s how you do it

Theater Mode is one of the most practical features of your smartwatch, but not everyone knows about it. In short, it makes the silent mode on and the screen remains dark. Only when you tap the screen or a turn on the Digital Crown will the display light up again.

Theater Mode

The Apple Watch Theater Mode is, therefore, a solution for situations where an illuminated screen is annoying and distracting. Think of a cinema or theater visit, but also if you use the smartwatch in bed to register sleeping patterns.

Activate the Apple Watch Theater mode

  1. Activate your Apple Watch with the dial on the screen;
  2. Swipe up to activate the Control Panel;
  3. Tap the icon with the two masks to activate Theater Mode.

If all goes well, an orange icon will appear at the top of your watch face with the two masks in it. When the screen goes out, it is no longer activated when you turn your wrist.

Press the Digital Crown or touch the screen to reactivate the display. Has the film or theater piece ended? Then repeat the above steps again to switch off the Theater Mode manually.

Theater Mode has been in watchOS since 2017 and was first called Theater stands. The name change has not changed anything about the operation. Theater Mode is something different than Do Not Disturb and Silent Mode. In the first option, the sound of calls is muted and in the second function, all sounds are excluded.

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