The stamp set by Fortnite: best apps from in 2019

FortniteJust like last year, the App Store was pumping out on the iPhone and Mac with countless new apps. In 2018, every iPhone editor chooses another app as a favorite of the year. In our opinion, these are the best iOS and macOS apps of the year. Erwin kicks off with Fortnite.

Fortnite: best apps of the year

It will surprise no one that I choose a game as the best app of the year, and in 2018 no game was bigger and more important than Fortnite. The game was already a success on PC and game consoles but also appeared in March this year for iOS. At first, you could only play with an invitation, but later the doors opened for everyone.

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Fun to Fortnite for iOS is that it is the complete game. This not only ensures that you play the same on every system, but also that you can play against each other. Add to that the game looks good and plays, and you have a new standard for how good games can be on smartphones.

Battle generous

If you have been lying under a huge rock, I will briefly explain the idea of the game. In Fortnite, your goal is to be the last in every game. That is not easy, because you jump out of a plane with a hundred people at once and land on an island full of weapons. That does not only mean that you have to search and shoot quickly, but you also get the opportunity to build protection.

The idea of struggling against each other until one player remains is made big by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This game has also been released for iOS this year as ‘PUBG Mobile’. Yet Fortnite is better suited for smartphones. The game focuses on shorter pots on a smaller island. Fortnite also knows how to keep a constant eye on the attention, with new seasons full of content and all kinds of nice packages and dances to unlock.

Put his stamp

But Fortnite is mainly my app of the year because it clearly puts its mark on smartphone gaming. Fortnite shows that gaming on your iPhone does not have to be neglected by gaming on a PC or game console. The smartphone has clearly grown up as a game platform this year and many gamemakers will now see Fortnite as the great example.

The fact that Fortnite makes its mark can also be seen in a new series of Android smartphones that are made for playing games. Perhaps it will also be time for Apple to step into the game industry .

Epic Games and the App Store

Also in the coming year probably interesting things will happen around Fortnite. The developer, Epic Games, does not like to share his income with other parties. That while Apple in the App Store thirty percent of every transaction in their own pocket.

On Android, Epic Games has therefore decided not to place the game in the Play Store. The largest game store for PC games, Steam, does not have Fortnite either. To attack, Epic Games has launched its own store for PC games. Later on, Android games will also be offered in that store.

On iOS it is impossible to bypass the App Store. Perhaps that will produce some fireworks in 2019. Until then I wish you a lot of fun with Fortnite and all the other crazy games for iOS. And do not forget  to check out our Fortnite tips , so that you can also win a Victory Royale.

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