The 4 best iOS apps in the App Store from week 1 – 2019

best iOS appsThe week is over and that means a fresh app overview is waiting for you! You should not miss these new apps, games, and updates as far as we are concerned. The best iOS apps from week 1 can be found here.

The best iOS apps week at a glance

The  App Store runs overtime every week to handle the infinite stream of new apps and updates. However, you do not notice much of this, because only a small part is worth the effort of installing. If your iPhone or iPad can use some new apps, you are at the right address here.

1. Who is the Mole?

The time has come: Who is the Mole? 2019 has started. The official iOS app has also been prepared for the new season, and now has a ‘News’ section that keeps you up to date on all the developments surrounding the program. The idea of the app is that every week, before the new episode starts, you hand out points to the candidates you suspect as the mole.

If that candidate has to go home, you lose your bet. If all your suspicious candidates remain in the game, your points will be doubled. Make a pool with friends and see who is the best ‘molloot’. If your app has not yet downloaded, do so quickly. The first episode has already been on Saturday night, so time to catch up on your points.

2. IkPas

More and more people leave the alcohol in the new year for a month, and the IkPas app is a useful help. On the main screen, you see the most important information: how many days you have already completed.

In addition, you can win various badges to motivate you, such as a badge for the survival of the New Year’s drink or that you have already saved 25 euros. You can also find recipes for non-alcoholic drinks, see how much money you have already saved and you can always ask for help or motivation from an IkPas Coach.

3. Twinfold

Twinfold is not an average puzzle game, but a special game that takes place in a roguelike puzzle. The bottom line is that you have to keep it as long as possible on the tableau. For this, you have to eat other blocks, but you also have to deal with enemies.

Do you choose to eat your food at the same time, or to multiply it for extra points? The difficulty lies in the fact that the playing field moves with you, including your character, food, and enemies.

4. Time page

The start of the new year also means that it is time for a new agenda. The fine agenda app Time page is made by the people behind the popular Moleskin booklets. The time page is well-organized and contains all kinds of smart functions.

For example, maps and travel times are added to your appointment and you can quickly see what the weather is like at the place where you have agreed. Thanks to a heat map and a logical timeline, you know at a glance which days and moments you are busy.

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