The 10 best tips to extend your iPhone battery life

iPhone battery tipsThe more often you use an iPhone, the sooner the battery goes empty. Get the most out of your iPhone battery with these practical battery tips.

The best iPhone battery tips

Many people have their own tricks to keep the battery of their iPhone running as long as possible. There are many myths, but in this overview, we only discuss the tips that really work. By making smart use of the tips below, you can be sure that your smartphone will last as long as possible.

1. Check which apps consume too much power

Measuring is knowing, and that also applies to your battery use. That is why Apple has since iOS 8 made a handy overview where you can see exactly which apps use the most power. You view this overview as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Tap “Battery”;
  3. Look under ‘Battery usage’.

Then you will see from the last 24 hours or past seven days exactly which apps have swallowed the most electricity. By tapping the clock icon, you can also see how many minutes the app was on the screen, and how long the app has been active in the background.

iPhone battery

2. Use Energy Saving (if necessary)

As the name suggests, you can use this iPhone function to limit energy consumption. Your device automatically turns off functions, puts the screen on black earlier and refreshes fewer functions in the background. Handy, although this has a noticeable effect on the performance of your device. We, therefore, recommend that you only use this function if you know you are tight as far as battery life is concerned. In addition, your iPhone with 20 percent battery itself suggests activating Energy saving.

iPhone battery tips

3. Adjust the background activity of these functions

To get the most out of your iPhone battery, you can also disable some features that you do not use. These are also unused actively in the background and do not stop until you switch them off manually. For example, you can deactivate Bluetooth via the Control Panel if you do not want to connect devices to your iPhone, and you can switch off the settings in the Handoff Settings, automatic downloads and automatic backup.

As said before, it differs from user to user which functions can or can’t be switched off. So look at which functions you do or do not use and adjust your settings accordingly. We like to use Handoff, but we always download updates from apps manually.

4. Set up your screen correctly

Of course, the way you use an iPhone has a lot of influence on battery life. But by adjusting the automatic lock, depth effect and brightness you can quickly add some time here.

iPhone battery tips

By shortening the automatic lock via ‘Settings> Display and Brightness> Automatic Lock’, the screen on your iPhone will turn black if you do not use it. By not automatically determining the brightness in the same menu, but by setting it to lower yourself, you can maximize the battery life.

5. Turn off GPS (Location Determination) for many apps

For some apps, it’s important that they know your location information, but enough other apps do not need this information. By withdrawing this access from apps, you not only save your battery but also protect your privacy. Follow the steps below and set the option ‘never’ to all apps if your location is not needed.

  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Tap “Privacy”;
  3. In Location Services, set all apps to ‘Never’ or ‘When using’.

6. Be picky with notifications

Just like turning off GPS, turning off notifications on some apps can also help your iPhone last longer. Every notification lets the screen light up, plays a sound and makes your phone vibrate. In addition, notifications have only one goal: to attract your attention and make sure that you pick up your iPhone again. So be selective in the apps that are allowed to send these messages. You disable notifications as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Choose ‘Notification’;
  3. Choose the apps that you may or may not send messages.

Closing iPhone apps forcefully

7. Do not completely shut down apps

The forced shutdown of apps is not good for your iPhone and makes the device even slower and the battery sooner. This is because as a result, your iPhone has to restart an app every time, instead of activating an app that is frozen in the background. That’s why you only need to force apps to close. In the tip below we will tell you more about this:

8. Disable certain functions

If every percent matters, you can (temporarily) disable some functions to save battery life. For example, switch off 4G and do not use a dynamic (moving) background on your home screen. You can also reduce the movement through the Accessibility settings. This gives you less flashy animations to see, which makes your iPhone less spectacular, but which your battery is saved. You do this as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Tap “General”;
  3. Select ‘Accessibility’;
  4. Select ‘Reduce Motion’.

9. Turn off Hé Siri

Hey Siri, turn yourself off! If you seldom or never use the speech assistant, you can switch off the function better. Of all the iPhone battery tips, this is one that is only intended for people who do not find Siri useful. Via ‘Settings> Siri’ you make sure that your iPhone does not listen anymore when someone says ‘Hey Siri’. Of course, you save money with this.

iPhone battery tips

10. Make smart use of ‘do not disturb’

If you do not want to completely disable notifications, the non-interference mode is the best alternative. This feature can stop messages, so they do not light up your iPhone screen. We, therefore, recommend that you turn on the mode if you do not use the phone. When you go to sleep, for example, whether your iPhone is in the safe at the gym.

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