These are the six best weather apps for Android

weather appsWith this summer weather, you better keep up to date with the latest predictions. But with which weather apps do you know exactly when the sun is shining, whether you can expect a (short) rain shower? These are the best weather apps for Android at a glance.

The best weather apps at a glance

1. Rain alarm weather apps

Buienalarm works exactly as the name suggests. The app warns you of upcoming downpours in your area, so you know whether you can go on the road or better wait and need an umbrella. Buienalarm works in the United States, Belgium, and parts of Germany and shows a map showing how the showers develop.

In addition to your current location, you can also set other areas; ideal if you always want to know how the weather situation is at home and at work. Also useful is the widget that you can place on your home screen. Buienalarm is in our opinion the ideal app to prevent a wet suit.

→ Download Buienalarm in Google Play (free)

2. WeatherPro weather apps

WeatherPro weather appsWeatherPro is a reliable option if you want to stay informed about the weather at home and abroad. The app provides quick insight into the current situation, shows predictions for the coming days and contains graphs for those who want to know more. You can also enable notifications and link the app to a Netatmo weather station.

If you want an hourly forecast instead of three hours, you must, unfortunately, take out a paid subscription (2.99 euros per three months). The advantage of this is that you also gain access to the paid functions of other MeteoGroup apps, including MeteoEarth and RainToday.

→ Download WeatherPro in Google Play (free)

3. Weather online weather apps

Weather online weather appsWeeronline is the most beautiful weather app, which is often equipped with new functions. The app is free, shows current weather conditions for more than 2.3 million places and is highly adaptable. For example, you can add a rain radar, pollen radar or a precipitation graph to your overview page and quickly check an extensive 14-day weather forecast.

Some users complain that Weeronline is not the most accurate weather app, but we have not had any problems with that. Weeronline warns on time and gives weather advice on what you need.

→ Download Weeronline in Google Play (free)

4. Rain radar weather apps

Rainfall radar comes close to the above-mentioned weather apps in terms of ease of use. Are you interested in detailed weather reports and forecasts, then you are in the right place at Buienradar. You can see at a glance the most important information and can switch between a map of the united states or Europe with accompanying weather animations, so you can see where the precipitation is going.

In addition, there are maps for temperature, wind direction, and visibility. Also useful: optional notifications for (arriving) showers and a pollen radar that shows the expected hay fever complaints about the next five days.

→ Download in Google Play (free)

5. The Weather in the United States

Weather in the United StatesThe Weather in the United States is also a popular and complete weather app for Android. The application contains a rain radar, forecasts for the weather of today and tomorrow and weather and coastal alarm. You can also view precipitation, sunshine and wind power maps, as well as sharp and current satellite images.

The paid version of Het Weer in the United States adds widgets that you can place on one of your home screens. The Android app is regularly updated with updates.

→ Download The Weather in the United States in Google Play (free)


Actually, KNMI is richly late with its own app – the offer of weather services for Android is already pretty big by now. Yet this app is a good option for anyone looking for weather forecasts. Not only because the KNMI-app is advert-free, but because other services often get their information from the organization.

When you open the app, you will see the current weather at a glance, including a rain radar, wind speed, and wind direction. So you know not only whether it is raining, but also whether you can expect something later today. The app displays information based on your current location or for your chosen municipalities.

→  Download KNMI in Google Play  (free)

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