Headphone selection guide: these are the 5 best wireless earbuds

Headphone selection guide

Wireless earbuds are rapidly increasing in popularity and the choice is now huge. In this test, we put our ear to the ear to find out which wireless earbuds are the best.

Best Wireless earbuds tested

To put the test to the test, we have tested five wireless earbuds. We opted for headphones from the same price range and looked, among other things, at comfort, sound quality, battery life and ease of use. The earbuds are arranged randomly.

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds: most comfortable in-ears

Samsung Galaxy Buds
Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Galaxy Buds are Samsung’s answer to Apple’s AirPods, and the quality of the wireless earphones is surprisingly close to each other. The big difference is that the Buds are in-ear, and therefore offer a different way of comfort. If you prefer in-ear headphones that hang more in your ear, the Galaxy Buds are the best choice. They look tight and sit like a glove. Even after several hours of wearing, you no longer realize that they are in your ears wireless earbuds.

Another plus is that the case is only three fingers in size, and therefore fits in almost every pocket. If you have a Samsung device, then pairing is effortless. With another Android device, you must necessarily download the Galaxy Wearable app to pair. Awkward, but fortunately one-off.

Whether you like to listen to rough metal or very sweet R&B, bass tones sound deep and a high singing voice crystal clear. Making calls makes the other side of the line easy to understand, even if you walk a few meters away from your Android phone. With about 6 hours of listening time, the battery life is good and the case also has a number of full charges. In addition, it is wirelessly rechargeable. Of the earplugs tested, the Buds are the cheapest and the price-quality ratio is therefore excellent.

2. Jaybird Run XT: best choice for athletes

Jaybird Run XT
Jaybird Run XT

Jaybird mainly focuses on runners with his headphones, and you can feel it. The earbuds are compact and very light, whatever you notice – or actually not – when you wear them. A small rubber protrusion forms with your ear cup to keep them in place. Although you hardly notice this, it appears to be the ideal support. The ears stay perfectly in place during a run.

When listening to music, bass tones are clearly present, which sometimes makes the other highs disappear. This allows the sound of these earbuds to sound a bit awkward. Fortunately, you can adjust the sound completely to your wishes via the optional Jaybird app, which you can immediately hear in the earphones. A nice addition is the numerous playlists that the app offers, most especially for running.

With about 4 hours of listening time, the run time of the Run XT is not very good, but especially if you use it mainly for workouts, this should be sufficient. Very nice is that the somewhat large charging case can charge quickly, so that after 5 minutes of charging you already have an hour of listening pleasure.

3. Apple AirPods: solid topper

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

Where other wireless earphones are mainly in-ears, the AirPods distinguish themselves with their distinctive appearance and the fact that it has a ‘normal’ fit. If you are used to in-ears, the AirPods will feel very uncomfortable or even irritating for the first few hours. As your ears get used to the shape, you hardly feel them sitting. The charging box is the most compact of these headphones and has an easy to open the cover. For those who are willing to pay a little more, the AirPods are also available with a wireless rechargeable case.

The sound is very clear and natural. There are no sounds that predominate, making it seem like you get every tone. You can control the AirPods with great ease by tapping on them. Similarly, recording a telephone call is a breeze. Another plus is that the Bluetooth connection is very good. You can safely walk a few meters away from your smartphone, without losing the quality of sound or connection during a telephone conversation. Where in-ears are easy to clean, the gauze pads of the AirPods, unfortunately, get dirty a bit faster.

4. Jabra Elite 65t: great all-rounder

Jabra Elite 65t
Jabra Elite 65t

In appearance, the Jabra Elite 65t earbuds are not immediately loved at first sight. The earbuds are relatively large compared to the in-ear part, so you have to pry a bit to get them in your ears. They are fine afterward, although they feel heavier than the Jaybird Run XT during exercise. The charging case is also not very happy. This is quite thick and the cover is difficult to open. Where other boxes can be opened with one thumb, you need quite a bit of strength or two hands with this.

What makes us very enthusiastic is the sound. This is of itself good, but even more perfect with the Jabra app. For example, we found an institution with more bass and treble, so that every guitar riff or ‘clap’ comes in nicely in a song. You set this by dragging a line or selecting one of the automatic modes as a ‘treble boost’. If you want to be focused, the app offers countless sound recordings of, for example, rain or ‘white noise’. The battery life can be compared with competitors, with more than 5 hours of listening pleasure.

5. Bose SoundSport Free Wireless: good sound in a clumsy jacket

Bose SoundSport Free Wireless

Bose is a heavyweight in the headphones industry, and so we also have high expectations of the wireless earphones from the manufacturer. The SoundSport earphones are by far the largest of this group. The back is very large with buttons on the side for control and volume, which are not very handy to operate if they are in your ears. They are comfortable, but really heavy. Even with the right attachment, they sometimes fail during a run.

The ears are large, the charging box is even larger. This is the same size as your full hand and is relatively heavy, which means that the case is not at all convenient to store. To connect the headphones, it is mandatory to download the BoseConnect app. Too bad that such an app is not an optional choice. Subsequently, the connection appears not to be flawless, because it occasionally disturbs. The ears produce a powerful sound with clear highs and appear to be quite soundproof. Bose proves once again to be top-notch in sound quality with these earphones but puts it in a clumsy jacket.

What are the best wireless earbuds for me?

For fanatic athletes, we recommend the Jaybird Run XT. These stay firmly in your ears and are sweat and water resistant. Do you exercise occasionally, but are you also looking for nice Bluetooth earphones for on the road? Then the Jabra Elite 65t is a good option. Those who prefer nothing more than listening to music all day long can choose the sound quality of the Bose SoundSport Free Wireless.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Buds and AirPods are true all-rounders; these wireless earphones are suitable in any situation due to their good battery life, handy charging case, and clear sound when listening to music and making telephone calls.

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