In this app you add notes, task lists and reminders together

CapsicumThere are dozens of calendar and note apps in the App Store, but the new Capsicum takes things differently. All functions that you expect from a daily planner are in fact merged.

Capsicum: agenda, tasks, and notes in one

Capsicum consists of three parts. In the ‘Planning’ tab you see what you have to do today, ‘Tracking’ is meant to keep an eye on your use and routines and ‘Loose Leaf’ is used as a classic diary.

Your daily to-do lists can thus be lost in the first tab. At a glance, it becomes clear what is on the planning today, what kind of weather is and you can create notes. You can indicate whether these tasks only apply to today, or are weekly (or monthly). Some things you have to do every day, such as taking your medication, while other things, such as a big job, can wait a bit longer.

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The second tab, Habit Tracking, helps you learn better habits. This function comes for many people as located with the new year at the door. For example, you indicate that you want to run, after which you indicate per day whether you have managed to run around. A useful addition is that you can also register with a Siri shortcut.


The last function of Capsicum is Loof Lease or diary. In this, you write your thoughts away from you or fill in your bucket list. Capsicum does not do anything new, but it feels unique. The app gives you the feeling that you are actually writing in your diary as before. Moreover, it is nice that when you do not finish a task, you can easily move it to the next day.

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Finally, you have control over the design and you can adjust the cover of your notebook, fonts, and colors. This makes Capsicum a very complete replacement for your notebook. You can try Capsicum for two weeks for free, after which the app costs 1.99 euros per month. You have an annual subscription for € 20.99.

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