CES 2019 round-up: this has been announced at the tech fair

CES 2019 round-upThe world’s largest tech fair, CES 2019, is coming to an end. In this CES 2019 round-up, you will read what has been announced to gadgets, accessories, and inventions. Do you read?

Various gadgets and accessories announced at CES 2019 round-up

Earlier we gave you an overview of all HomeKit gadgets that were presented during CES this year. In this overview, we show which other interesting announcements have all been made during the tech fair in Las Vegas.

1. CarPlay car radios

CarPlay radios are popular at CES 2019, as Sony, Kenwood, Alpine, JVC, and Pioneer have presented their own versions. However, the variants of Sony, JVC and Kenwood are not yet available in the United States for the time being.

CarPlay car radios

Alpine has been producing CarPlay radios that you can install for a while and added new variants to it. The latest radio screen has a 7-inch touchscreen and is less deep than predecessors. This makes it possible to build in more cars, just like the latest radio with a 9-inch screen.

You mount it on your dashboard instead of in it, so that it fits in almost every car. To use Apple CarPlay, connect your iPhone to the dashboard via the Lightning cable.

Pioneer does it differently and has created a standard 1-din car radio with a holder for your iPhone above it. This gives you physical buttons, and your iPhone functions as a screen of the ‘dashboard’.


This is done via the Pioneer Smart Sync App. Rotate your iPhone horizontally after insertion and it connects via Bluetooth to the flush-mounted radio of the Smart Synch In-Dash car mount. The holder, therefore, has its own interface and does not work with CarPlay. The SPH-10BT is already available for 130 euros.

2. Smart Apple Watch strap and ECG watch

Although the Apple Watch itself is already packed with smart features, manufacturer Aura saw possibilities to extend it even more. Their strap, suitable for the Apple Watch, is equipped with a chip that measures your fat percentage, muscle mass, water weight and minerals in your body.

This information can then be read on your Apple Watch. This makes the watch an even more extensive health tracker, which provides important information, for example for (top) athletes. The smart band will cost $ 90 and will be on the market later this year.

The French company Withings has produced its own watch, which is a 3-in-1 monitor for your blood pressure, the condition of your veins and making heart films. A so-called electrocardiogram has been possible with the Apple Watch Series 4, for the time being only in the United States. The health tracker and watch will cost $ 130 and will be available soon.

3. Battery case from Mophie and popsocket cover from Otterbox

Many battery cases require that you connect them to the Lightning input of your iPhone. If you want to connect wired earplugs or other accessories, it is very inconvenient. That is why Mophie now presents the Juice Pack Access, a charging bag without the Lightning connection.

Battery case from Mophie and popsocket cover from Otterbox

The case, designed for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, charges your phone wirelessly. As a result, the thick ‘chin’ on the back of the cover has disappeared, which is normally on a battery case. The Juice Pack Access will cost a sloppy $ 120.

Another new iPhone case is the Otter + Pop from Otterbox and PopSockets. The two companies have joined forces to make a cover with a built-in pop pocket. That is a fold-out extra handle on the back of your iPhone.

otterbox socket sockets

According to Otterbox, the cover appears in multiple colors and the top socket on the back is interchangeable, so you can use different prints and colors. The cover will soon be available for purchase starting from $ 60 via the websites of the manufacturers. The so-called separate PopTops cost 8 euros each.

4. iPad cover for children and new iPad keyboards

Are you afraid that your child (ren) will damage the iPad during their play or game sessions? Speck cleverly anticipates this with the handy Case-E; a protective iPad cover especially for children. The Case-E is available in various bright colors and offers a firm grip on the tablet.

Particularly useful are the flexible ‘arms’, which allow the iPad to be retained even better by children. With this, you can also attach the iPad to a headrest in the car. The case is meant for the 9.7-inch iPad and costs 40 dollars.

Zagg has unveiled new keyboard covers for the iPad 2017, iPad 2018 and the iPad Pro 2018 in Las Vegas. It is possible to disconnect the keyboard from the rest of the case.

CES 2019

Handy if you do not need it once. In addition to the Slim Book Go and more robust Rugged Book Go, the more affordable Messenger Folio is now available for the 11-inch iPad Pro 2018. The covers will be on the market in the first half of 2019.

5. Wireless charging stations (for the car)

Griffin has launched a wireless charging mat that once again raises the question of why Apple fails to release the AirPower. This mat, which will soon be available for $ 80, charges both your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time.

In addition, Griffin has launched a charging mat and stand for just your iPhone and a wireless power bank is coming onto the market. Manufacturers iOttie and Scosche use the wireless charging function of the iPhone 8 and newer for stylish car holders that simultaneously charge your iPhone.


The Easy One Touch Connect from iOttie not only lets you talk to Siri but also supports Amazon’s Alexa. The advantage of Scosche’s new car holder is that this MagicMount Charge 3 is also easy to attach to your ventilation and can rotate 360 degrees. This way you can also use your navigation app horizontally. No prices are yet known for both holders.

6. Special earplugs and noise canceling headphones

Fink that manufacturers have presented their latest headphones and earplugs during CES. Special is the wireless earplugs from Nura. The NuraLoop has a built-in audio test that detects weak spots in your hearing.

These are then compensated so that the sound is adapted to you and always sounds perfect. It is also unknown how much these earplugs will cost with a wire in between.


Even the Nuheara IQbuds MAX work in a similar way so that a sound that is as natural as possible is produced. The IQbuds are, however, especially intended for the hearing impaired, and thus also offer a great way for this target group to listen to music. Disadvantage: the earplugs are expected to cost more than $ 500.

Furthermore, both Jabra and JBL have launched a new series of wireless headphones with active noise canceling. In addition, JBL showed his new line of wireless earplugs for various types of athletes at the fair. These are IPX7-certified and therefore resistant to sweat drops.

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