Change your Apple ID email address in 4 steps

apple id email addressIf for any reason you want to use a different e-mail address for your Apple ID, you can easily Change your Apple ID email address. iPhone shows you how to do that.

Change your Apple ID email address

Whether you no longer have access to your email address or simply have taken a new one; Then it is important that you also change the email address of your Apple ID. Because you use your Apple ID to make purchases in the App Store, for example, and iCloud is linked to it, it is important that the email address of your Apple account is valid and accurate.

Fortunately, it is very easy to change this, and you can arrange this on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. To edit your Apple ID email address, do as follows.

apple id email address

  1. Go to in your browser;
  2. Log in with your Apple ID data and then tap on ‘Account’;
  3. Under the heading Apple ID is your current e-mail address. Under that, tap “Change Apple ID”;
  4. Enter your new e-mail address here and press on.

When you subsequently confirm your bill of exchange in e-mails, your Apple ID has been modified. You may have to log in once again with services such as iCloud, but this is not always the case.

Customize Apple mail

If you use an email address with an Apple domain (such as or for your Apple ID, you can not change it. In such a case it is possible to add several mail addresses as an alias.

Follow the same steps as above, but go to the ‘Accessible’ heading under Account. Tap on ‘Add more’ and follow the steps. After this, you can log in with both email addresses when you have to use your Apple ID.

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