“Samsung is working on an affordable Galaxy S10 alternative”

Galaxy S10 alternativeIf you find the Samsung Galaxy S10e too expensive, then there may be good news. Samsung would work on yet another flagship, this time with a sharper price-quality ratio.

“Cheap Samsung Galaxy S10 alternative in the making”

With a suggested retail price of 899 euros, the Galaxy S10 is far from a cheap device. This year, Samsung introduced a cheaper version for the first time, the Galaxy S10e. Equipped with almost the same hardware, but with a camera lens and without a fingerprint scanner in the screen. However, this variant still costs 749 euros.

That is why Samsung is working on another flagship with a sharper price-quality ratio, claims a generally reliable Chinese source on Twitter. According to the insider, the device costs less than the Galaxy S10e but is equipped with a Snapdragon 855 chip. That is the most powerful chip that Qualcomm is currently making.

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The source does not mention other specifications of the smartphone. It is unclear what compromises Samsung will make to keep the price low. A device probably has a slightly cheaper design, without a curved screen.

Competitor for Xiaomi and OnePlus

Samsung probably wants to compete better with rivals such as Xiaomi and OnePlus. Both offer high-end smartphones with suggested retail prices that are much lower than in the competition. For example, since this month Xiaomi is selling the Mi 9 from 449 euros, equipped with a Snapdragon 855 chip. The smartphones from OnePlus also usually offer the latest hardware for less than 600 euros.

Sources suggest that it is the Galaxy A90, a device that already leaked earlier this year. Samsung increasingly provides the Galaxy A series with features that you usually expect in a flagship. For example, the recently announced Galaxy A50 is equipped with three cameras on the back and a fingerprint scanner in the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy A90 is said to have an extendable, rotatable camera of 48 megapixels. By turning it, you can use it not only as a ‘normal’ camera but also as a selfie camera. Other specifications of the smartphone and the expected release date are still unknown.

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