United States Google Assistant will soon also work on your Chromebook

Chromebook Google Assistant“Hey, Google” will soon also work on your Chromebook. The Google Assistant comes to the cheap laptops. This allows you to easily schedule appointments, turn on timers and watch Netflix by just using your voice.

Chromebook Google Assistant: Talk to your laptop soon

Google makes that known in a movie. It is not yet clear when the speech assistant will come to the Chromebook. They do say that this will happen “soon”. When the time comes, Google will release a software update so that the United States Google Assistant also works on your laptop.

With that, you can talk to the digital help on almost all devices. In the summer of 2018, the Assistant came to all Android smartphones, after which the Google Home and Wear OS smartwatches followed. Many smart speakers and headphones also listen to ‘Hey Google’.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant has been available on the Pixel Slate and Pixelbook for some time, but these laptops never officially came to the United States. The second even has a special button to activate the voting aid. Google finally takes the opportunity to announce two new laptops: the Asus Chromebook Flip C434 and Acer Chromebook Spin 13.

More about the Google Assistant

Earlier today it was announced that the Hue lamps from Philips will be given a new Google Assistant function. With Gentle Sleep & Wake, waking up should become a lot easier, as the light in your room gradually gets brighter. In this way, a natural sunrise is simulated.

Bit by bit, you can talk to more and smarter devices. Even Android Auto has the Google Assistant. Recently it came out that the voice aid becomes more visual on your Android smartphone, but also gets ads. Check our Google Assistant tips to get the most out of the digital help.

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