Chrome for Android will soon get dark mode

Chrome Android dark modeChrome Android will soon start testing a dark mode in the Android version of Chrome. The news comes after the rumor that the next Android update will introduce a complete ‘dark mode’.

Chrome Android dark mode

It has been talking about a dark mode for the Android version of Chrome for a while, and it seems final to happen. Website 9to5Google says it has found indications that Google will soon start testing a ‘dark mode’. In Chromium Gerrit, there is a reference, which indicates that Google is still working on the function.

chrome dark mode

However, it does not appear that we can try dark mode soon, not even in Google’s experimental Chrome Canary browser. This version of the Chrome browser is often used to test features before they appear in the stable version of the browser.

Many Android users look forward to a dark mode in Chrome because the feature brings several benefits. First of all, the dark colors make for a nice look, but it also gets better to use the browser in the evenings, because you have less trouble with the light of your smartphone screen. Finally, a dark mode on OLED screens results in less energy consumption, which benefits the battery life.

The dark mode in Android Q

According to a previous message, Google is currently working on a full, built-in dark mode for Android. The function could be enabled via the Settings app and, in addition to all interface elements, also make Googles own system apps darker. Some Google apps already have a dark mode, but for popular applications like Gmail and Google Calendar, this is still missing

Android Q, as the upcoming Android version is now called, is likely to be released as a developer’s beta sometime in the coming months. In addition, it is obvious that Google will issue a public test version at the I / O 2019 Developer Conference. Google I / O takes place every year in May.

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