Tip: This Is How You Use The Chromecast’s Guest Mode

Chromecast guest modeThe Chromecast guest mode allows users to cast content to the Chromecast without being connected to the Wi-Fi network of the HDMI stick.

The Chromecast normally works with a WiFi connection. However, sometimes you want to cast without a WiFi connection or allow others to use your Chromecast without having to connect to your WiFi network first. This functionality has been present on the Chromecast for a long time and you only have to activate it yourself.

Switch on Chromecast guest mode: this is how it works

Chromecast guest modeFollow the steps below to enable your Chromecast’s guest mode. Make sure that your smartphone (or tablet) is connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.

  1. Open the Google Home app on your Android device;
  2. Tap your Chromecast in the overview screen;
  3. Then, in the screen that appears, press the top right gear;
  4. Here you will find the option to enable guest mode.

And that’s it! The Chromecast then broadcasts its presence to nearby mobile devices using the Wi-Fi connection and location. Google’s HDMI stick generates a four-digit pin code that is needed to cast to the Chromecast. You can see this pin code on the backdrop of the Chromecast and in the Google Home app.

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The guest mode is of course also ideal if you have purchased the latest Chromecast. The device is available at Coolblue and Bol.com, among others, and we recently tested it on Golobal Tech. Check the conclusion of the Chromecast (2018) review below.

The new Chromecast introduces no major improvements but retains the ease of use of its predecessors. Due to the slightly stronger hardware and the addition of 1080p 60fps support and multiroom audio, the device is up-to-date again. However, it remains a shame that you have to purchase the much more expensive Chromecast Ultra to stream in 4K. If you have the second generation Chromecast from 2015, then there is no real reason to upgrade immediately. If the very first Chromecast is still in your TV, then the switch is worth it.

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