How to delete your Apple ID in 4 steps

Delete Apple IDDo you say hello to Apple, or are you going to start with a clean slate? It is possible to delete your Apple ID, and this is how.

Delete Apple ID: that’s how you do that

As an Apple user, you can not do without your Apple ID. You use the account to save files via iCloud and to download apps from the App Store. Now it is possible that you have been using an iPhone for years and are no longer satisfied with your Apple ID name, switching to a different brand or simply wanting to start with a clean slate.

In that case, it is possible to delete or deactivate your Apple ID. Previously you always had to contact the Apple itself to delete your account, but now you can arrange this yourself.

You can remove Apple ID like this:

  1. Go to the Apple ID login page and enter your details;
  2. Choose at the bottom for ‘Delete your account’;
  3. Confirm your choice and indicate a reason for removal if necessary;
  4. Write down the access code or print the page: maybe you change your mind.

Apple ID deleteApple has received your request and permanently deletes the account after seven days. During this week you can still contact customer service to reverse the choice. You will need the access code from step four here.

This happens when you Delete Apple ID

When deleting your Apple ID, all your data is permanently deleted. It is therefore wise to receive a copy of your data in advance. You can request this by choosing the top option in the same menu where you delete your account: ‘Receive a copy of your data’.

If you find a too drastic measure, you can also deactivate the account. Your Apple ID is temporarily suspended – Apple does not collect data and you can not use the account – after which you activate the profile yourself again.

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