Renders show OnePlus 7 with retractable camera and three lenses on the back

OnePlus 7 rendersThe design of the OnePlus 7 may have leaked into the first set of renders of the device. It is striking that OnePlus would opt for a borderless screen with a retractable front camera.

First OnePlus 7 renders leaked

The good news: the next smartphone from OnePlus probably does not have a notch anymore. The bad news: the device has an extendable selfie camera instead, which is hidden in the device. This is evident from renders shared by the generally reliable telecom insider OnLeaks.

OnePlus 7

According to the source, the OnePlus 7 has a 6.5-inch screen that fills up 95 percent of the front. At the bottom is a very narrow bezel, but the image continues almost to the edge at the top. The selfie camera will probably slide up automatically when you open the camera app, or if you want to unlock the device with face recognition. The device would be 8.8 millimeters thick; slightly thicker than the 8.2 millimeters of the  OnePlus 6T.

Fingerprint scanner in the screen

A fingerprint scanner is not visible on the renders. It is probably included in the screen just like on the OnePlus 6T. At the back, we see three cameras for the first time. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro, OnePlus opts for three lenses on the back, although it is still unknown what they will be used for. Those cameras stick out a little bit.

The headphone jack can’t be seen on the OnePlus 7 renders; it seems that the manufacturer with the new model does not intend to bring it back. On the side on the right are a power and notification button, on the left the volume buttons. On the bottom is a USB connection.

Officially, OnePlus does not release anything about the new smartphone. However, the Chinese manufacturer now announces a new smartphone every year in May or June. It is therefore plausible that the OnePlus 7 will also see the light of day sometime this spring. An exact release date and recommended price are still unknown.

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