Fitbit Versa Lite Edition review: Fitbit cuts in price and functions

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition reviewFitbit tries to appeal to new target groups with cheaper versions of its wearables. In our Fitbit Versa Lite Edition review, you can read if that strategy works.

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition review

Fitbit released the Fitbit Versa last year, as a cheap alternative to the Apple Watch. That was apparently not cheap enough, because now the Versa Lite Edition is in stores. This new smartwatch is even cheaper, but also has fewer functions.

Fitbit Versa Lite design

The Fitbit Versa Lite Edition is very similar to the Fitbit Versa and therefore also to the Apple Watch. It is a square watch with round corners. The device is relatively thin and very light, so you hardly feel whether you have one. This is especially pleasant at night if you use the wearable when measuring your sleep.

Fitbit Versa Lite

Although the watch has large screen edges, there is still enough room to display a lot of information. You will receive a nice series of dials for this. With one face you tap your watch to switch between steps, heart rate, calories, and distance, while with the other face you have everything in one go. The clear screen remains visible even in the sunlight with sunglasses on. However, with normal use, the watch will last for at least four days without charging.

A striking difference between the Versa and Versa Lite is that the new, cheaper edition does it with one button on the left. The Versa needs no fewer than three buttons. You will not miss those two extra buttons. Everything goes through the touch screen. You only use the physical button to go back in the menu.

Fewer options

The lower price also shortens the options. For example, the Versa Lite cannot measure height, so the watch does not know how many floors you have climbed in a day. Swimming sessions are also not recorded.

That’s too bad. The original Versa already appeared to be limited as a smartwatch and therefore works mainly as a sports watch. Now the sports possibilities of the Versa Lite are limited. However, if you do not use these specific sports options, the Versa Lite is a great cheaper alternative.

fitbit versa lite edition lifestyle

The wearable can measure your steps, heart rate, sleep, and other sports activities, as we are used to from Fitbit. The Versa Lite also has the same SpO2 sensor, to measure your oxygen level in the blood. Unfortunately, this sensor is not yet used, and it is not yet clear when that will happen.

Not strong as a smartwatch

As a smartwatch, the Versa Lite is still not strong. You can receive notifications, but on iOS, there are few apps that support this. On iOS, unlike Android, it is also not possible to use quick replies notifications.

Compared to the original Versa, it is not possible on the Lite version to pay contactlessly or to load music on the watch for exercise. It is possible to control the music that you listen via the iPhone.

Fitbit Versa 2 renders

You will also find an app store in the Fitbit app, but the range is still disappointing. In theory, the store does offer the possibility to expand the functions of the Versa Lite in the future, but at the moment the choice is too limited to choose a Fitbit smartwatch instead of a Fitbit fitness tracker.

Weird position

That is why the Versa Lite is in a strange position. If you want a wearable to keep track of your health and to read your notifications, you can go to the cheaper Charge 3 or Inspire HR. If you are looking for useful smartwatch functions, the Fitbit app store is not yet convincing.

The design, including a clear screen and excellent dials, can be a reason to opt for this watch. Because of the flat design that fits nicely on the wrist, this is also the nicest Fitbit wearable to measure your sleep with.

Conclusion Fitbit Versa Lite review

The Fitbit Versa Lite is not a complete fitness tracker or smartwatch, because it provides functionality on both sides. The Versa Lite is best viewed as a slightly more luxurious-looking fitness tracker with fewer functions than a cheap smartwatch. In the latter category, the options are too limited. Certainly in combination with iOS.

Buy Fitbit Versa Lite

The Fitbit Versa Lite Edition has a suggested retail price of 159 euros and can be purchased at various Dutch web stores. This is possible at and Coolblue, for example. You can choose from different colors and straps.

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