With these 5 tips you can quickly free up space on your Android

Free up android spaceHow to free up space on Android. There are many ways to free up space on your Android, but sometimes you need some storage quickly to install a large app, for example. You take care of this with these tips.

How to free up space on android

The internet is full of tips to free up storage space on your Android device, but it is useful to keep a number of ways in mind if you need some storage quickly. Great if, for example, you want to download a large game or app, but you run out of space. Then the tips below come in handy.

1. Delete data in the cache memory

The cache stores data that allows apps to load faster, for example. It is true that the cache memory quickly takes up a lot of space, so it is useful to check this regularly and possibly throw it away.

how to free up space on android

To do this, go to ‘Settings> Storage and usb> Data in the cache’ on your Android device and tap ‘OK’ in the screen that appears. In the storage overview, you can see how much space the cache is currently occupying.

2. Delete backed up photos

If you use Google Photos, all your photos will be stored in the cloud. This creates a large collection of photos that have been backed up, which you can access anywhere, anytime. However, shot images also remain on your device and take up a lot of space.

Fortunately, Google Photos has a feature built in that you can delete all photos and videos that have already been backed up in one go. To do this, open the Google Photos app, tap the hamburger menu at the top left (three dashes) and choose ‘Settings’. Here you will find the option ‘Free storage on device’. For certainty, it is useful to save the photos somewhere else before you permanently delete them from your device.

3. Clean up the downloads folder

Another quick way to free up space on your Android is to clear the Downloads folder. Here you will find, for example, all apk files or music that you have downloaded. When you open the Downloads folder, you will see an icon (three dashes) at the top right that allows you to sort the files by size. This way you can immediately see which files take up the most space and can be deleted.

4. Saved maps in Google Maps

The offline mode of Google Maps is extremely useful, but not particularly favorable for the storage of your Android device. Offline cards often quickly take hundreds of MBs and it is better to dispose of them if you do not use them regularly.

The areas that you save are often automatically deleted after a certain period, but you can also do this manually. Open the Maps app, tap the top left menu and then “Offline maps.” Then choose an area and tap ‘Delete’.

5. Uninstall apps

It may be an open door, but removing apps is the most effective way to free up storage space. Certainly, when you have installed many mobile games, you will find that your rap is going through your storage.

Android does not have a built-in feature that shows which apps you use the least, but you can see how large they are. Go to ‘Settings> Storage and usb> Apps’, after which you get a list of all apps, which you can sort by size using the button at the top right.

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  1. Unfortunately, there is NO USB on storage on Huawei p8 lite. I also cannot select all my photo albums and move them to SD card. Only 190mb left while I was from the beginning (second Huawei, so experience). Puzzle. Unfortunately.


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