‘Galaxy Note 10 has four camera lenses on the back’

Galaxy Note 10Now that the Galaxy S10 has been unveiled, the first rumors about the larger Galaxy Note 10 are also emerging. The new device would have no fewer than four camera lenses.

‘Galaxy Note 10 camera lenses’

The Galaxy S10 will only be available in stores next week if the second flagship of Samsung is already being looked at: the Galaxy Note 10. The successor of the Galaxy Note 9, which was released in August last year, is probably only released in a few months.

According to sources from the website SamMobile, Note 10 gets four cameras behind. How this might look is shown on the Galaxy S10 5G. This 5G variant of the S10 also has four lenses, instead of the three that sits on the regular S10. The Galaxy A9 has also equipped Samsung with four cameras.

camera lenses

So it sounds pretty likely that the smartphone manufacturer will give the larger Note 10 an extra camera compared to the S10. A difference in serial numbers would also suggest that the Note appears in two variants and that a 5G model also comes on the market.

Instead of a zero at the end, there is now a five. This would indicate a device that supports 5G. If this is true, there will most likely be two variants of the Note 10, just as with the S10. In many countries, 5G is not yet available, including in Europe.

Slightly larger screen than the predecessor

The Galaxy Note 10 would also receive a 6.6-inch screen, slightly larger than its predecessor. If this device also gets the Infinity O-display that we have already seen the S10, you have a good amount of screen space. It is to be expected that the Note 10 also runs out of the box on Android 9.0 (Pie).

Other rumors also state that the new device no longer has a headphone input. Both the Galaxy S10 and its predecessors have this, so it would be a special move from Samsung to leave it on the Note 10.

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