Gmail lets you schedule emails: that’s how it works

Schedule GmailSchedule Gmail message that is only sent a month later? Or do you have an e-mail that is only allowed to reach its destination in fifty years? This feature will soon be added to the Gmail app for Android.

Schedule Gmail mail: new feature en route

References to the new feature have been discovered in the source code of the latest Gmail update, 9to5Google reports. The source code of version 2019.03.03 contains, among other things, traces of a ‘Schedule send’ button. You can use this to write a Gmail message that will only be sent at a later date.Schedule Email

According to the source, users will soon be able to choose when their message will be sent. If you opt for delayed shipping, it must be sent out for a minimum of two minutes in the future and a maximum of fifty years in the future. So, in theory, you can schedule messages that only arrive at their recipient in 2069.

Schedule Emails

Once a message has been scheduled, you can change the chosen date at any time. If you decide to send an e-mail for next month the next day, you can simply do so. If you decide to cancel the scheduled date completely, the e-mail will be saved as a draft again.

Not yet available

Note: the function is not yet available in the app itself, only references have been discovered. That is also no guarantee that the function will appear in the Gmail app with the next update. Already in the summer of 2018, references to postponed emails were found in the source code. However, the fact that the function is now almost completely described in the source code suggests that it is almost ready for the general public.

Gmail is already standard on almost all Android smartphones, but you can check if you have the latest version via the link below to the Play Store. As soon as Google rolls out support for postponed mails, you read it on Golobal Tech.

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