Google Assistant becomes more visual on Android, but also gets ads

Google AssistantGoogle’s speech assistant gets an update for Android. If you ask questions, the answers from the Google Assistant are more visual. But you also get advertisements.

Google Assistant more visual on Android

Google Assistant now gives more visual answers on Android. This makes it easier to see the right information immediately and you don’t have to visit external websites as much. That happens, among other things, with maps, which contain the information that you are hoping for.

This update ensures that if you search for a specific share, for example, you will no longer receive a small ticket that you need to tap for more information. Instead, you get a large map with a clear graph and other data. Are you looking for events in a city? Then you no longer get a list, but a well-arranged calendar with images.

Google Assistant

In addition, the Google Assistant also has new tools if you ask. Think of a color picker, and calculators to specifically calculate a tip or your monthly mortgage payments.

Google Assistant

The new visual responses are now rolling out to Android smartphones. It can, therefore, take a while until you come across the maps and tools yourself.

Google Assistant Ads

A disadvantage of the new visual responses is that Google may now also place ads in between. With some questions, you get a number of links to different online sources as an answer. With the new visual update, these links are placed under each other just like in Google’s search engine. Google states: “If relevant, these results may include the existing ads that you would see in Search today.”

Google Assistant Tips

Are you already using all the options that the Google Assistant offers? We are happy to help you on your way. You can ask these Google Assistants questions, for example. And we have twelve Google Assistant tips to get the most out of the assistant.

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