Google Camera update introduces dark mode and more

Google CameraMore and more Google apps are provided with a dark mode and now it’s the Camera app’s turn. In addition, various other improvements have been made.

Google Camera gets dark mode

The Google Camera app, which is standard on Pixel devices, is a bit better with the latest update. The most important innovation is the dark mode, which ensures that the settings screen of the camera now turns dark. Google’s Camera app already had mainly dark colors, but once you opened the settings, you were shown a bright white screen.

Google Camera

This is changing with version 6.2 of the camera app. The settings now have a dark color, with white text and blue switches for the options present. The app sorts for Android Q, which introduces a system-wide dark mode. The Dark Mode of Google Camera also works on Pixel devices with Android 9.0 (Pie).

The update also ensures that the camera app feels a bit faster. This is due to the new animations that you see when you switch between the different modes. For example, if you went from standard mode to portrait mode, you saw a black screen for a moment. Now switching between modes is much smoother and faster. Finally, Google Camera shows more clearly when you use the flash with the front camera.

Download Google Camera

The Google Camera update is rolled out via the Play Store, but you can also download the apk file manually. Check our tip about installing apk files for more instructions. Note: the app only works on Google’s own Pixel smartphones, such as the Pixel 3 and 3 XL.


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