Google Chrome affected by vulnerability: This is how you update the browser

Google ChromeThe popular macOS and iOS browser Google Chrome has been hit by a serious vulnerability that is being exploited. This way you update the browser to stay safe.

Google Chrome detected a security vulnerability

The leak in security was discovered by Google itself, which then quickly released an update to close the leak. The problem is that the update should not only be done on the side of Google, but users also have to update their browser themselves.

Remarkably, the update has been available since 1 March, but a Google developer came out on Twitter yesterday with the message that you should update as soon as possible. In a tweet, he emphasizes that you now have to update the browser immediately because it is a serious vulnerability

If you’re running version 72.0.3626.121 of Google Chrome, you’re okay. This is the updated version where the leak is no longer present. If you have an older version or you are not sure, you can go through the steps below to update the browser.

This is how you update Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome;
  • Click on the three balls at the top right of the menu bar;
  • Click on ‘Google Chrome update’;

Do not you see the button? Then go to ‘Help’ and ‘About Google Chrome’. You can also check the version number there.

Where the leak is exactly and what the possibilities are if you abuse it, is not yet known. Google says it deliberately does not publish this information because the company first wants more people to install the update. Only when this has happened will more be known about the cause and consequences of the leak.

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