Waking up with your favorite Spotify music: that’s how you do it

Google Clock Spotify integrationWaking up has just become a lot more comfortable. From now on you can use Spotify in the Google Clock app, and thus stand up with your favorite song or playlist.

Google Clock Spotify integration: better wake up

Google Clock is the standard alarm clock of many Android smartphones. The application is only occasionally updated and is straightforward in what you can do with it. The alarm clock app has received an interesting addition this time. From now on you can wake up while enjoying your favorite Spotify music.

This is how you get Spotify in Google Clock: 

  1. Be the first to update Google Clock and Spotify to the latest version. The Clock update is gradually rolling out, or you install the apk file manually ;
  2. You will automatically receive a notification of the feature. Select ‘Spotify Music’ and link the apps together.
  3. Create a new alarm clock as usual and press the Alarm icon;
  4. You will now see two tabs appear. Press Spotify in the top right and search for the number you want to wake up with.

At the top are your most recently played songs. You can also search for a specific track, or use a playlist created by Spotify as an alarm clock. As soon as your alarm goes off, you can choose to continue listening in Spotify.

YouTube Music will be added in the future

The addition works for both Spotify Premium customers and people with a free subscription. Remarkably, you can only use music via Spotify as an alarm clock, and not with Google apps such as Play Music, for example.

A company spokesperson has told 9To5Google  that YouTube Music will be added in a future update. This Spotify and Tidal competitor is coming to the United States later this year and offers some interesting functions. A specific release date is still unclear.

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