3 handy improvements in the latest Google Duo update

Google Duo update

Google Duo update, the video noble app of the search giant, has received a major update. It is now possible to have group conversations with Duo, but two more useful features are added.

Google Duo update

1. Group discussions with Google Duo

The most important feature of the Google Duo update is the option to have group conversations. This is possible with up to eight people at a time, by selecting the people in the app with whom you want to have a conversation. They can then accept the request, after which all persons appear on your screen. Google also indicates that group conversations are protected by end-to-end encryption.

2. Data saving

Google Duo - The simple video calling app

Also new is the data saving mode, with which Google Duo ensures that fewer MBs are used if you make video calls via your mobile internet connection. The app does this by screwing down the video quality. According to Google, the function currently works in a limited number of countries (such as Indonesia, India, and Brazil), but we can already use the ‘new data saving mode’ at the editors of Android Planet. The feature should appear in more regions in the coming months.

3. Personal video messages

Finally, it is now possible to record personal video messages for specific people. This is useful if you do not have the time to have a full video call conversation, or if the other party does not answer. Nice is that you can brighten up video messages with text, emoji and small drawings on the screen.

Google Duo is standard on many Android devices, but if you don’t have the app yet, you can download the latest version via the link below. Google Duo is completely free and easy to use.

→ Download Google Duo in the Play Store (free)

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