Now available in the US: With Duplex, Google Assistant takes over your phone reservations

Google DuplexGoogle Duplex is available in almost the entire United States from today. With the new service, the Google Assistant takes telephone calls so that you no longer have to call for an appointment at the hairdresser or a reservation at a restaurant.

Google Duplex available in the US

The duplex was presented just less than a year ago on Google I / O and is already available in much of America. In 43 of the 50 states of the United States, the service is active from today. The function is not yet available in Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, and Texas, as local laws prohibit telephone calls from being recorded. As a result, according to Google, the function can’t yet be rolled out effectively in these areas.

With Duplex, the Google Assistant can make phone calls for you. For example, to make an appointment at the hairdresser, or to reserve a table at a restaurant. To do this, you only have to give Google Assistant an assignment, and then it takes over all the work. Ask for a hairdresser’s appointment on a Wednesday morning, only to be cut, and the Assistant will call automatically. The virtual assistant then enters the conversation with the hairdresser, including sometimes an ‘er’ and ‘uh’ in between to look like a real person.

Google Assistant

Google looks at your calendar and personal preferences to handle the conversation with the hairdresser as smoothly as possible, even if it all becomes very complex. If the assistant really can’t handle a conversation, it is kindly cut off and the user is told that he or she can better call themselves. You will also see a transcript of every conversation.

Google Duplex in the united states

For the time being, Google Duplex is only available in the United States. The company has not given any details about the rollout in other countries, but you do not have to count on a Dutch release for the time being. The Dutch Google Assistant is only just available and is in its infancy compared to the English version. Given the complex discussions, the Dutch version is not yet ready for it.

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