Why the Google Pixel 3a does have a headphone connection

Google Pixel 3a headphone connection explainedSurely it is certain: with the Pixel 3a, Google is bringing back the headphone connection. The company explains why affordable Pixel smartphones do have this connection.

Google Pixel 3a headphone connection explained

Although the first Google Pixel still had a headphone connection, all subsequent models had to do without it. Google followed the example of Huawei, Apple, OnePlus and other major manufacturers who left out the 3.5 mm port. However, the connection suddenly appeared on the recently announced Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, and an interview with 9to5Google shows that the company has thought about it well.

“We have discussed this headphone connection firmly, but we found that consumers with this price point, in this price range, really need flexibility and that is what this headphone connection gives you,” said product manager Soniya Jobanputra.

google pixel 3a headphone jack

That statement suggests that we should not expect the connection to all future smartphones from Google. In fact, Google sees the feature only as a requirement for cheaper smartphones. If the more expensive Pixel 4 appears this fall, it will probably have to do without it. In this price range, users have money for wireless earbuds, Google seems to expect.

Google now designs and builds hardware itself

Another possible cause for the changed design course: the Pixel 3a is the first Google smartphone designed by a new team. The Pixel 2 series was designed by LG and HTC, while the design for the Pixel 3 phones came from Google’s own teams at the end of last year. This Pixel 3a was created by a new team consisting of former HTC employees in Taiwan.

Jobanputra expects the company to reap the benefits of its own design team in the coming years. The company is no longer dependent on partners for the design of its smartphones. “We have really improved our production process in the past year. (…) We can now do everything ourselves. We design and build our own devices, “says Jobanputra. Google Pixel 3a headphone connection explained.

Pixel 3a in the united states

The Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are available from this month in various countries, including Germany and the United Kingdom. Officially, the phones do not appear in the united states, just like previous Pixel devices. However, via gray import, it is possible to get a Pixel. So you can buy the Pixel 3a at stores like Belsimpel for a small extra charge.

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