Google stops with Voice Match unlocking: voice recognition too insecure

Google Voice MatchGoogle cancels voice recognition as a security method for Android smartphones. The google voice match option was already limited available but is now being replaced with a limited Google Assistant.

Google Voice Match unlocking stops: this is the alternative

Until recently, American users could still use their voice to unlock their smartphone, but that option disappears. In the latest version of the Google app, the Voice Match option is restricted. From now on, the adjusted settings are automatically rolled out to all users.

Google Voice Match unlock

You can find the option by opening the settings in the Google app, and then choosing “Google Assistant.” Then choose the ‘Assistant’ tab, and scroll down to select ‘Phone’. ‘Voice Match’ is standard gray and unusable for United States users, but the text suggests that the option will appear later

A scheduled release date for that function is still unknown. If the option here is finally available, you will no longer be able to use it to unlock your device with your voice. Instead, Google introduces the option to request limited personal results through the Google Assistant.

If you opt for this, you can ask the Google Assistant to unlock e-mails, your appointments, and reminders without the device. All your other data, such as photos and apps, are only visible after you use a different unlock method.

Voice recognition is unsafe

Stemontlock has added a few years ago, along with the introduction of the  Google Assistant. Since a few months, however, the function seemed to work for fewer and fewer users. Although the Dutch Google Assistant has been there since August last year, voice unlocking here was never available to users. The option was already unavailable on the recently released  Pixel 3.

So you can still use the Google Assistant to ask questions or open apps with “OK Google” at any time. That function only works in English for the time being. At the time of writing it is unknown if and when this option comes to the United States.

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