This is how you reserve your name in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite nameThis summer we can get started with the next game from the creators of Pokémon GO. This is how you reserve your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite name.

Reserve your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite name

Gamemaker Niantic hopes that we will go out en masse with our smartphones this summer to play their new game. The creator of Pokémon GO will soon be launching his highly anticipated Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Now you can already reserve your name.

If you have played Ingress or Pokémon GO, you will be given the option to take the name that you use there. This way you know for sure that nobody will take your name when the game comes out.

To reserve your Harry Potter: Wizards Unite name, visit this website. There you click on ‘Use my Ingress Agent Name’ or ‘Use my Pokémon GO Trainer Nickname’ and log in.

Harry Potter

It is therefore not possible at this moment to reserve a whole new name. You may only register a name that you already use.

Wizards Unite launch in May?

Note: reserving your name is possible until April 30. After that, you can only register a name if the game is available. Whether this also means that the game will launch in May is not certain. Pokémon GO was released in July 2016.

You can already register for the game in the Play Store. If you click on ‘Register beforehand’ on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite page, you will receive a message when the game is available.

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