‘HomePod with Face ID and gesture recognition coming’

HomePod with Face IDThe new HomePod has Face ID and sensors to recognize gestures. In this way, the smart speaker recognizes all family members and you can make hand movements to adjust the volume, for example.

‘HomePod with Face ID coming’

At least, if we can believe the patents filed by Apple. The company from Cupertino has submitted several documents explaining which functions the new HomePod could have. The most notable addition is Face ID.

The required sensors would be processed in the side. This allows the smart speaker to recognize your face and is thus able to determine which commands are given priority. This comes in handy when several people in your household use the HomePod. You could also use Face ID to authorize purchases without having to take your iPhone or iPad: just look at the speaker is enough.

Reset your HomePod

In addition, Apple seems to want to increase the role of Siri. The patents describe how LED lights can be built into the HomePod. This allows you to see immediately whether the speaker has understood you. The lights could also show texts, such as today’s weather forecast.

Operate HomePod with your fist

Another interesting observation is that Apple may see a future ahead of you where you can control the HomePod with gestures. The aforementioned sensors for Face ID can also be used to register your hands.

The patents show how, for example, you adjust the volume by means of gestures, scroll through menus and even start shortcuts for routines with the Home app. In theory, it is possible to turn on your smart lights and heating, for example, by making a clenched fist.

Apple acquired PrimeSense in 2013, a company that specializes in recognizing hand movements. Some techniques were eventually used in the TrueDepth camera, allowing Face ID. Apple submits hundreds of patents per year, so it is not certain whether something will eventually happen with the ideas.

Yet they often give an idea about which course the company is going to sail. Moreover, the idea of a HomePod with Face ID has already passed by many times. In the Netherlands, the HomePod has officially not yet been released. However, you can already order the smart speaker at a number of web shops. Check the best HomePod deals in our price comparison tool.

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