“Huawei in conversation with Aptoide as an alternative to Google Play Store”

Huawei in conversation with Aptoide as an alternative to Google Play Store

Huawei google play store alternative. Huawei may have found an alternative to the Google Play Store. Future smartphones from the company may come with Aptoide, an independent store for Android apps.

“Aptoid is Huawei Google Play Store alternative”

Aptoide is talking to Huawei, the developers have confirmed to Dinheiro Vivo. “I have already met one of Huawei’s top executives and we are in contact with the team in China,” said director Paulo Trezentos. Huawei itself has not yet confirmed the conversations.

Huawei seems at least hard to find an alternative to the Google Play Store. The Chinese company is under heavy fire after the US government announced a blockade last week. As a result, American companies, including Google, Qualcomm and app makers, are no longer allowed to do business with Huawei. The ban originally started immediately but was later postponed to the end of August.

Huawei Google Play Store alternative aptoide

If the ban persists, this means that Huawei will no longer receive Android updates from Google from the end of August. Google is no longer allowed to certify and approve new Huawei smartphones, meaning that future devices will have to do without Play Store and Google apps. Existing users of, for example, the Huawei P30 retain their access, but for new devices such as the Huawei Mate 30, the manufacturer must look for a different solution.

Aptoid popular Play Store alternative

Slowly but surely we get an idea of ​​what that solution looks like. Huawei says it is working on its own operating system, Hongmeng OS. This is based on Android, and therefore supports almost all existing Android apps in theory. Aptoide may serve as an alternative to the Play Store.

Because Aptoide is a Portuguese company, it is not affected by the American blockade. This open source store already has more than 100 million users worldwide and offers more than 900,000 apps. Popular apps such as Spotify, Instagram, and even the DigiD app can already be found in Aptoide.

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