Get the most out of the Huawei P30 Pro with these 4 features! (ADV)

Huawei P30 ProHuawei is big with two powerful smartphones full of improvements. Order the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro now at MediaMarkt, and discover what you can expect with these top devices.

Order the Huawei P30 now at MediaMarkt!

Are you looking for a smartphone that combines a sleek design with the very best camera, then Huawei is the place for you. In the Huawei P-series, appearance and camera power come together in one impressive series of smartphones. The Huawei P30 and P30 Pro will be available in the United States from April 5, offering the biggest improvements to date. We go through all the smart new functions with you.

Huawei wearable

Are you already convinced? Then you can already order both smartphones at MediaMarkt. Place your pre-order online now, and you will have the device at home from the beginning of April! You can also choose to pick up the device at one of the 50 MediaMarkt stores throughout the United States. There you immediately benefit from excellent service. This way, the MediaMarkt team can transfer all files from your old smartphone, so you can get started right away.

Zoom like crazy with four cameras

The camera has been the spearhead of Huawei’s smartphones for a few years now, and with the P30 the company manages to surpass itself. The greatest innovations of previous years are still present, from the Leica cameras to wide-angle lenses. The addition of a telescopic zoom is new this year.

There are four cameras on the back of the Huawei P30 Pro. There is a primary camera of 40 megapixels, supplemented with a wide-angle lens of 20 megapixels with which you can take wider pictures. New is the 8-megapixel periscope lens, which gives you up to 5x optical zoom and even 10x hybrid zoom. That means that you can zoom in extremely far without the image becomes less sharp.

Although it may all sound very complicated, the entire Huawei P30 series is equipped with artificial intelligence, which assists you in taking photos. The settings are automatically adjusted based on what you have in view. If the camera sees a cat, the P30 is ready to quickly take a picture so that even the smoothest beast comes into focus. If you take a photo of a flower, the device captures the smallest details of each petal. Even beginners take photos like a pro with the Huawei P30.

Make the virtual reality with the Time of Flight sensor

The fourth lens deserves some special attention. That is namely a so-called time-of-flight sensor. They use depth measurements and infrared light to determine your distance to objects and people in the area. This way the Huawei P30 Pro knows how everything around you looks super-fast. This is useful, for example, when taking photos in portrait mode: the bokeh effect is applied just right.

Huawei P30 Lite in Canada

But also for augmented reality apps, such a time of flight sensor is extremely useful. This sensor makes it much easier to display virtual objects on the right scale in the real world. For example, check with the IKEA app if that new Billy bookcase would fit through the door, or play a game in which it looks like monsters are walking around in your room.

Smart hardware learns from you

Huawei also uses its artificial intelligence for the hardware. Many smartphones start at lightning speed, but after a year of intensive use, they falter more often. On the Huawei P30 series, you have no problems with that, thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence. It analyzes how you use your smartphone and adapts to it.

Are you often on the train on Netflix in the morning? Then the P30 turns the app on in the background. At night, power consumption is automatically curbed, because you still sleep. Both smartphones are full of smart tricks that optimize battery consumption. This way you know for sure that the battery lasts as long as possible. Born Fast, Stays Fast, as Huawei calls it.

The battery that lasts for days

An empty battery is very annoying. Although smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful, it remains difficult to get a full day without recharging. Fortunately, the P30 Pro has a battery capacity of no less than 4200 mAh. That is even more than there is in the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for example. In addition, the P30 has an energy-efficient chip that allows you to charge for up to two days.


In the unlikely event that the battery is empty a little earlier than planned, it will be full again. At Huawei, they have built-in faster-than-fast-charging in their very best smartphones, such as the Huawei P30. With the P30 Pro, you even get a 40-watt charger. This means that the battery is already 70 percent full after half an hour. Even with a few minutes of charging you can go back for hours. And unlike Apple, for example, you don’t have to pay anything extra for this fast charger: Huawei puts it up for free!

Order the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro at MediaMarkt!

The new smartphones from Huawei are of course all available at MediaMarkt. Buy the smartphone of your choice at one of the 49 branches throughout the United States, or get it online at home. Wherever you are, with MediaMarkt you are always assured of independent advice.

Moreover, you have the choice of both individual devices and the best offers with a subscription. Whether you opt for a separate Huawei P30 with SIM only subscription, extend your existing subscription with a new smartphone or are looking for a new provider: at MediaMarkt you will find the very best deals. In addition, you can go to MediaMarkt for repairs, smartphone insurance or any other support you can imagine.

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