Google adds more Inbox features to Gmail

Inbox functionsGoogle will stop using the fine Inbox email app next month. The handy experimental features from the app are probably coming to Gmail this year. Reminders, bundles and more are tested internally.

Inbox functions to Gmail

Google stops in March with its fine e-mail app Inbox. Users are advised to switch to Gmail before that time, Google’s other email app. Although Gmail is a nice alternative, the app does not offer all the features that Inbox had. Google seems to bring these functions to Gmail later this year.

Inbox was Google’s place to test new experimental functions. That provided a modern way to deal with e-mails and reminders. Gmail has already received some of these functions. Think of smart reply, where responses to e-mails are presented, but also the possibility to snooze e-mails.

Inbox features

However, there are also a number of functions missing, such as reminders and the bundling of comparable e-mails. A Reddit user has a screenshot of Gmail shared with these features. It would be an internal test version of the app.

The Reddit user states that Google will unveil this new version of Gmail Inbox features during Google I / O 2019. This conference will take place from 7 to 9 May. During these days, the company unveils innovations for all its software, including probably Android Q. With this version of the operating system we probably get a real dark mode on our smartphones.

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Alternatives for Inbox features

The chances are that the new version of Gmail is not ready before Inbox functions are stopped. Gmail has just had a big design update, which makes the app look more like Inbox.

If you want to bridge the amount of time between Stopping Inbox and the new Gmail, there are some Google Inbox alternatives to keep track of your reminders, among other things.

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