Transfer data from an old iPad to a new iPad: that’s how you do it

Transfer all data from an iPadHave you bought a new iPad Pro or another iPad today? Then you want to transfer all your data from an old iPad. In this guide, we help you step by step.

Transfer all data from an iPad

On average, people continue to use iPads for years, but 2018 will be a year that many tablet users are upgrading. At the beginning of this year, Apple released an excellent tablet for daily use with the iPad 2018. The just-released iPad Pro 2018 introduces a completely new design and the most powerful specs that Apple has ever put into a tablet.

Transfer an iPad via iTunes

If you have an old iPad, it is wise to transfer the data to the new one. So you do not have to download all apps manually again and your documents and photos are kept. Apple has also made transferring your data very easy. You have the choice of two ways: iTunes and iCloud.

1. Transfer an iPad via iTunes

If you have a Mac or Windows PC at your disposal, we recommend that you transfer your data in this way. Check in advance if you have the most recent update for your old iPad installed and no more data is updated. You also have a Lightning cable and the iPad must be sufficiently charged. If all these things have been arranged, you can go through the following steps.

  1. Connect your old iPad to your PC or Mac;
  2. Open iTunes and select the iPad by tapping the icon;
  3. Click on the ‘Overview’ tab and ‘Encrypt iPad backup’. In this way, your HomeKit and health data will also be preserved;
  4. Click on ‘Make backup’. It can take a while until it is made, depending on the amount of data;
  5. Check whether the backup has been saved correctly via ‘Preferences> devices’.

Transfer an iPad via iCloudNow that the data from your old iPad is packed on your computer, it’s time to turn on your new iPad. Turn the iPad on and follow the steps on the screen until you can select the option ‘Restore backup’. Then you can go through the steps below.

  1. Connect the new iPad via a cable to the Mac or PC;
  2. Open iTunes and select the iPad;
  3. Click on ‘Restore backup’ and select the copy you just created;
  4. Enter the password;
  5. All data is now transferred. This may take a while.

During the transfer of the data, the tablet is restarted several times. When this is complete, you can complete the installation by following the steps on the screen. Make sure your iPad stays connected to Wi-Fi in the next few hours because all apps that have been transferred are now automatically downloaded.

2. Transfer an iPad via iCloud

If your internet connection is good enough or you do not have access to a PC or Mac, you can also transfer an iPad via iCloud. Of course, you have to have enough space in iCloud to be able to make this backup. If you do not have one, we advise you to transfer the data via iTunes.

So you do not need cables for this, although both tablets have to be sufficiently charged. Start by first making a backup of your old iPad. Then switch on the new iPad. If they both run on iOS 11 or higher, then transferring is so fast. You only have to keep the two tablets together in order to transfer data.

  1. Tap ‘Go Through’ when the screen appears on the screen;
  2. An animation of a blue circle appears on your new iPad;
  3. Scan this animation with the camera of your old iPad by keeping it above it;
  4. Enter the access code;
  5. Choose the iCloud backup.

Just as with iTunes, it may take a while until all your apps are reinstalled. So let your new iPad be connected to the internet for a few hours and make sure the battery does not run out.

Do not have an iOS 11 on your old iPad? Then you can still use iCloud to transfer your data. Instead of using the camera, you can choose ‘Restore iCloud backup’ in the ‘Apps and data’ window.

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